Why do we wear COSTUMES? (Here is my answer to a concerned friend) Purim is the exact opposite of Halloween. Remember, for everything holy and pure, there is always a dark counterpart. Purim is the festival of light and salvation where Hashem has saved the Jewish people from annihilation - we see this in every generation, and in every generation, we see His salvation. I don't think there is any other nation that can testify to this more than the Jewish people. I will be covering this in the upcoming podcasts, so watch out for the podcast on Sunday. BUT IN SHORT: Esther is connected to the Hebrew word, Hester - hiddenness. Esther had to hide her identity as a Jewess until the appropriate time arrived. Also, G-d is never mentioned directly in the Book of Esther and His name also doesn't appear - it is a book with a tremendous plot that puts a Hollywood script to shame. Still, we can see G-d's hand very strongly at work behind the scenes.

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