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Ponder the Parsha

Weekly parsha points to ponder, gettting you through the week

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

- Psalm 119:105

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Chayei Sarah

We're decoding camels - it's all in the subtext

Chesed v'Emet

pp lech lecha.png
Lech Lecha

Walking - it's all in the how 

True security and the freedom it brings

PP Noah.png

The Temple VS the Tower of Bavel: The Final Stand-Off

It's all about UNIFICATION

PP Nitzavim.png

Renewal of the Covenant  - what it really means

Pushed to the Ends of the Heavens? Time to Return

pp ki tavo.png
Ki Tavo

The Power of First Fruits and Tithes

Tshuva - Tefillah - Tzedaka, getting ready for Tishrei

PP shoftime.png

Ancient Biblical Prophecy, Active steps to take in a world gone mad

PP Re'eh.png

Life is in the Blood and the Five parts of your soul

PP eikev.png

It's not about numbers and what to do with walls that stretch up to Heaven...

pp vetchanan.png

Mitzvot, Jerusalem and the Ultimate Unification

PP devarim.png

Why am I going in circles?

Matot Maasei.png

Broken Systems and Patched Up Cisterns

PP Pinchas.png

Moadim and Modesty

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