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The Zion Script

Set your own personal Biblical marker as a constant reminder in your home to turn your heart towards Jerusalem. The word marker, "Tziun" (Jer 31:20)* is spelt exactly the same as Zion,  pronounced "Tzion" in Hebrew. It means that the marker referred to in this verse has to carry the DNA of Zion, something from Zion itself. Our Zion Script is exactly that - made in Zion, by a Torah Scribe on Torah Parchment.

Buy the Zion Script and place it on the wall of your house that faces Jerusalem.

tzion with shadow.png


  • The word Zion in Hebrew, pronounced "Tzion".

  • Torah parchment made of leather.

  • Handwritten by an expert Torah Scribe

  • Made in Jerusalem.

  • ONE OF A KIND. Every parchment is unique in style and in parchment texture.

  • A verse from Psalm 132:32: For the LORD has chosen Zion; He has desired it for his dwelling place.

  • PRICE: $70

Now that the true location of ancient Biblical Jerusalem (Zion) is known, we invite you to take the necessary steps to stay aligned with Jerusalem, just as Daniel and the Jewish People did for over 2,800 years.

Join others who have aligned

*Verse numbering according to the Hebrew Bible

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