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Unsheathing the Sun

We're catching up with friends after the Sabbatical, so sitting with Shaul Kullook was as always a treat. One of the topics that we've been looking into is the news that Earth's magnetic field is shifiting due to shifts in the magma core.

Tamir and Shaul discussing End Time Dynamics at our home in Jerusalem
Discussing End Time Dynamics at our home in Jerusalem

This will ultimately weaken the Earth's ability to shield us from Solar flares. The latest findings of this core shift mentions a time period that corresponds with Shaul's discovery of the planetary line that is connected to major historical events in the Bible.

It comes therefore as no surprise that the Vilna Gaon (GRA) also mentions the 41.8 metric regarding the appearence of Mashiah Ben Yosef and consequently Mashiah Ben David. I include Shaul's short synopsis here regarding the Planetary magma and magnetic changes.


Recent research studies show that the magnetic field shield protection around our planet could greatly decrease in the near future. It will mean that solar and cosmic radiation will greatly increase on the Earth surface. This upcoming phenomenon will bring about an environmental catastrophe that could decimate human civilization and other living systems on Earth. This calamity has been found to take place between 41,000 and 42,000 years ago.

The Gra on the 41.8 time frame in Kol HaTor
The Gra on the 41.8 time frame

This recent finding shows that a great reduction in the Earth’s magnetic field took place together with the brief polarity reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field, known as the Laschamps Excursion, in a study published on February 19, 2021, in the Journal Science (1-2). In a previous study published in 2006 (3), the a-periodic changes in the magnetic polarity of the Earth is shown to hold a certain degree of synchronicity with the 41,000 years periodical cycle in the Obliquity of the Ecliptic, which is the name given to the periodical cycle in the degree of the Earth axis inclination. A magnetic reversal is found to take place mostly around a predefined time point of the Obliquity cycle (3), like in the last magnetic reversal of 42,000 years ago. The collapse of the Earth’s magnetic field, that is now found in coming together with a magnetic flip reversal, is considered to be the cause for an apocalyptic event, which included the extinction of Neanderthals and a simultaneous megafauna’ extinction across mainland Australia and Tasmania 42.000 years ago.

Presently, the Earth axis inclination is approaching this critical time point of the Earth’s Obliquity cycle. For this reason, as well as for ongoing changes in our Planet magnetic field (4), it could be expected that this Earth’s magnetic event may take place within the upcoming 200 years.

The most extraordinary fact is that there is prophesy in the Hebrew Bible, on that a similar cosmic event will take place, “a day is coming, burning like an oven” (Malachi 3:19), where the wicked and the proud will be incinerated. The main Jewish commentator Rashi wrote, more than 900 years ago, that this “Day of God” (Malachi 3: 23), is the result of God’s “taking out the Sun from its sheath”, meaning from an existing cover protecting us from the light of the Sun. Rashi was foreseeing an existing Earth’s magnetic field covering the Earth, found by scientific research many centuries later.

This “Day of HASHEM”, perhaps the most awesome biblical time that will be taking place in the History of Mankind, has now a physical explanation thanks to the discovery made known to the world less than 2 months ago. Remarkably, the timing of this most extraordinary event, hold a relation with the inclination of the Earth’s rotational axis.

Saul Kullok



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