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Other Interviews

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The Align with Zion Hour Podcasts Series

with Caz Taylor and AnaRina Kreisman

Safety Measures block.png
Safety Measures

Zion and Shabbat

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Staying Afloat

Month of Kislev:

Critical Dates

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Flood or Favor

Concept of the Ark and the Flood

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Sukkot and Chesvan

Covid in the context of Cheshvan

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Yom Kippur 2020

True Malchut according to G-d's Governance

Elul PtP block.png

Prepare to Repair

AV Fast&Furious block.png
Tisha B'Av

A Fast to Fend Off the Furious

fears for tears block.png
Fears for Tears

You and the Temple

FFP Block.png
First Fruit Protection

Period between Shavuot and Sukkot

Counting up block.png
Counting Up

Omer, Iyar and Shavuot

pesach 2020 block.png
Puntual Plague

Nissan and the festival of Pesach

Perpetual Purim Plot block.png
First Fruit Protection

Adar and the festival of Purim

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The Shevat Release

Shvat: Key dates and prophecies

Tevet Turn block.png
The TEVET Turnaround

Tevet, Greece, Hanukkah miracles 

Fight for Light block.png
The Fight for Light

Kislev, Haggai Prophecy. Light vs Darkness

beginnings block.png

What happens after the Tishrei festivals?

RH to Sukkot block.png
Tishrei Festivals

Rosh Hashana, 10 Days of Awe, Yom Kippur, Sukkot

Av to Elul block.png
From Av to Elul

Key date, consulation and preparation

Hebrew Letters

The Power and Depth of the Hebrew letters

Prophecy block.png

What it is, and what it isn't

Caz in Jerusalem block.png
Caz & AR in JLM

Sefirot, Omer and the Threshing Floor

Hebrew calendar block.png
Hebrew Calendar

How to align with Hashem's times

Zion block.png

More on the importance of Jerusalem

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Name and origins

King David block.png
King David

The hidden elements that shaped King David's life