The Planetary Line

A cosmic line has been steadily moving over the globe, more specifically the Biblical borders of Israel. As it moved, Israel as a nation moved, either entering, exiting (exile), or returning. In retrospect, these miracles are now so clear and undeniable, and in forecast, there is perhaps one more event of Biblical proportions to take place. We have entered that window period two years ago.

Magic map.png

A few things:

  • Wonders and miracles can now be appreciated in retrospect, confirming that G-d, Who revealed Himself as the G-d of Israel,  exists and is navigating world history behind the scenes, guiding it to its end purpose (see the slide show below to find out what this end goal is).

  • Although people as individuals have free will, Israel as a collective, move on G-d's decree. And the nations involved with Israel at any given point in time are directly bound to this decree.

  • These miracles can only be traced through the application of the allocated Biblical borders, and not by political demarcations.

G-d's Word reigns supreme.


Watch AnaRina and Shaul discuss the approaching window period half a year before the planetary line would hit its next mark and Shaul's prediction of an oncoming world event that will change the then-status quo of the world. 

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