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The Perpetual PURIM Plot: Part 1

AnaRina and Caz delve into the month of Adar

and the Festival of Purim:

In this section:

*From the dark of Tevet, to the release in Shvat, to a flip-over into complete Joy in the month of Adar
* Flipping the switch from mourning to JOY
* Last week in Shvat just before Adar: Shabbat Shekalim - the Shabbat of the Shekel - a reminder to prepare the half-shekel coin in ancient times that had to be given during the Pesach Pilgrimage.
* Word SCALE is derived from SHEKEL. 
* Everyone had to give the half-shekel for the upkeep of G-d's House the Temple - not more, not less - this means everyone stood as equals before G-d.
* Giving the half-shekel in our synagogues during Adar is a sign of faith that we declare that the THIRD Temple WILL BE BUILT. 
* Shekel connected to the story of Esther - Jewish thought of G-d providing the remedy BEFORE the blow. Giving charity, looking after the poor - provides protection and saves from death. 
* Ancient half-shekel coin found during excavations has three almond blossoms, the concept of almond in Jeremiah 1 that G-d is about to act - therefore also connected to the building of the Third Temple
* PURIM - the story of Esther = "Hester Panim" Hidden face of G-d in the story. 
* Purim vs Halloween 
* Costumes: 1) G-d is hidden and not mentioned in the Book of Esther and 2) Esther had to hide her identity for a specific time.
* Story of Purim starts in the Desert (Book of Exodus) when Amalek attacked Israel and it still continues today with certain countries calling for the annihilation of the Jewish People
* Who is AMALEK? What is G-d's command regarding Amalek?
* The nations knew about G-d delivering His People: we see this in Rahav (Rahab) from Jericho's testimony and also in the Song of Moses in Deuteronomy.   
*Bible is not a story book - it is the history of the Jewish people and the Jewish people is a continuation of the Bible. 
* the story then takes a turn in the Book of Shmuel (Samuel) where King Shaul (Saul) did not kill the King of Amalek - Agag. Haman was a direct descendent of Agag - he was an agagite.


But this is NOT where the story ends....make sure you catch the second part of the Perpetual Purim Plot in PART 2. 

The Perpetual PURIM Plot: Part 2

AnaRina and Caz delve into the month of Adar

and the Festival of Purim:

In this segment:
*When G-d commands something specific, don't change the rules. Good intentions that are not in line with G-d's command bring serious repercussions through the generations.
* Mordechai (Tribe of Benjamin) rectified King Saul's (also from Tribe of Benjamin) mistake. 
* Pur in Purim refers to the lot that was cast.
* Did you know that the original fast happened during Pesach
* Babylon/Persia, modern-day Iraq and Iran. Iran from Eran that comes from Aryan, connected with Nazi Germany - find out how this all tie together in this segment. 
* Nuremberg Trials  - encoded in the names of the sons of Haman in the Book of Esther.
* Celebrating Purim is a Biblical command for the Jewish people. Find out what the Jewish people are commanded to do. 
* 15 ADAR starts the preparation of the highways to Jerusalem for the upcoming festival of Pesach. PREPARE THE WAY: Is 62. The ancient road in Jerusalem is literally being cleared and that has modern-day repercussions. 
*This time not only the Jewish people will ascend, this time the nations too! 

The story of Esther is the most prominent in an ongoing story of G-d's people, the Jewish People and the attempts to annihilate them by the hands of their enemies and more specifically Amalek. It started in the desert, it made a turn in Persia, it reared its ugly head during the Nazi holocaust, and is raising its voice again in our times. So nothing new here. EXCEPT that this time YOU are part of the plot. What will your part be in all of this?


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Ancient Half-Shekel Coin found during archaeological excavations, that was given for the upkeep of G-d's House (the Temple). 

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