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Parshat Re'eh - Life is in the Blood and the Five Levels of Your Soul

This week we are looking into the meaning of LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD.

We also cover:

- Looking into the Hebrew words for Blessing and curses

- The Place that G-d will choose

- Private alters - when it was allowed and when not, and how it translates to our times

- Kosher slaughter or shechting - what actually happens

- 5 levels of your soul

- 3 types of blood

- the poor in the Land - Can you put G-d in the credit?

- Haftara: Is Evil part of G-d?

- Rosh Chodesh ELUL - getting ready...

Below you can see the two different Mountains in the Parsha:

The Hebrew root of Gerizim means to cut through, to split, and here you can see how the two mountains split. Listen to the podcast for more insights on Am Israel passing through these mountains during their entrance into the Land.

Vineyards and olive orchards on Mount Gerizim.

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Hyacinth Rose
Hyacinth Rose
Aug 04, 2021

Ana Rina, I enjoy listening to your podcasts. Is there a way I can download them to listen on the go? I do not take time to sit long enough at my computer.


Hyacinth Rose
Hyacinth Rose
Aug 05, 2021
Replying to

Thank you Ana Rina! What a blessing. Now I can take you with me in the car, to my garden, on walks....I appreciate that!


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