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Zechariah 24 Shevat Prophecy

Shabbat will be the 24th of Shevat. This is the day on which Zechariah made the prophecy about the four horns and the smiths that will toss down these horns, nations wil be shaken. You can read all about this in Zechariah 1 and 2.

More than that, G-d proclaims His anger over the nations that overdid the punishment over Judah, Jerusalem and Israel. Now He will return in compassion to Zion.

We are in the time where 1) the power seat will steadily shift back to Jerusalem, and where 2) the nations are in a time of self correction. Afterwards things will move into Divine correction when you won't be able to bring the change yourself anymore, but a global correction will take place in order to prepare the world for G-d's ultimate reign.

This also means that governments around the world will slowly brittle down. This is evident in the image of Daniel where the feet are a mixture of iron and clay. Nobody's going to be able to overpower the other.

Talks of a one world order and even those believed to resist it, none will really succeed. And as the eyes and the hopes will be focused on this, the hopeful ones will have to keep on recalculating their prophecies and theories while Hashem will be busy establishing something away from the nations' gaze.

Your best bet and secure option will be to keep your eyes on Zion, making sure you keep on calibrating your alignment. For G-d is choosing Jerusalem again and is lifting Himself from His holy habitation.

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