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Yesod: Touch Down

Yesod means foundation. It is where Heaven connects with Earth, therefore it is the conduit that unifies the other attributes and allows them to "interconnect" with the physical world. So, as we have aligned ourselves and our walk with G-d by calibrating and sharpening these attributes and what they represent in our lives, Yesod is now creating a connection point in which new spiritual blessing, based on what we've accomplished through working on ourselves these last few weeks, will be able to flow into our lives.

So what does this mean for us? During the week of Yesod we have to focus on creating and building or sharpening the "platform" through which we serve G-d and His world through our skills and gifts. Whatever your gifts and skills are, they need to reach the world. They need to be applied to the world to make it a better place. They need to serve and inspire others.

Think this week how you can become even more effective. Think how "who you are" and "what you can do", can be applied in your immediate world.

I have found that a lot of us have been applying our gifts and skills to best of our ability. But for most of us, what we've achieved up till now was only a practice run. Things are about to get real. Therefore, a lot of people are in a transition period where you have left the old structures and are moving towards the next step. Many will find there new placing/position in the time between Shavuot and Sukkot. The threshing floor-dynamic is connected to Shavuot and the story of Ruth and Boaz, and plays an important role in removing the debris of old structures and leaving it finally and completely behind. The picture of your next steps will start taking shape in the time between Shavuot and Sukkot.

The Week of Yesod is an important preparation for the next steps in this transition period. When you start thinking on how to apply this in your life - remember the lesson from ancient Biblical Jerusalem - THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!!

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