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In the Beginning...

I'm starting a bookshelf with books that will help you grow, walk closer with the Almighty and guide you to Align with Zion.

We're starting a new cycle of Torah reading. For those who want to have some deep spiritual Jewish insights on Genesis, Bible Dynamics by Pinchas Polonsky is excellent!

It focuses on the spiritual characteristics that G-d built the world on and also sustains it. All the great, key Biblical figures had to "inhabit" and grow in these vital attributes. Polonsky in true Jewish style, methodically dissects the character of the forefathers in order for us to learn from these spiritual giants. He also reveals a world behind the P'shat (the surface level interpretation and first glance understanding of the Torah), and beautifully fills in the gaps that you were never told of, but always suspected to exist. It's time to dig deeper!

The world is sustained and protected by Torah and the study thereof. Let's do this together.

You find out more about these books HERE

You can buy the book HERE

LEFT: Pinchas with his readers.

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