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A Time of Correction


Not only that, the beginning of the most severe atrocities that happened to the Jewish People in the 2,000-year exile were somehow triggered by this date. But the event that sparked all of this, goes back to the day when the spies gave ill report to the people of Israel when they were supposed to enter the land. This report caused the people to cry out and fear the land and its then inhabitants. Due to this G-d said that this day will become a day of mourning for the People of Israel (for a long duration through history). This event happened on the Ninth of the Hebrew month of Av, and ever since, it has been a day of extreme caution to the Jewish People.

Dates are very important in the Bible.

The Jewish months play a significant role in the way God governs His world.

As I mentioned before the Hebrew Calendar works on a divine cycle. Within this cycle, days and months have specific character and energy attached to it and just as we have the more sensitive times, we also have times which give strength and joy to Israel and in effect also grant protection.

There is a very important key you need to see here. The Prophet Zechariah speaks of the days when fasts will turn into feasts in the days coming. Let’s see what’s written in Zechariah:

‘Thus saith the LORD of hosts: The fast of the fourth month, and the fast of the fifth, and the fast of the seventh, and the fast of the tenth, shall be to the house of Judah joy and gladness, and cheerful seasons; therefore love ye truth and peace.” Zech 8:19

Where do these fasts come from?

They are never mentioned in the Torah? How did they work their way into the Prophets? You see the life of the Jewish People as a new born nation, only started after the giving of the Torah. Practically living it, and sometimes forsaking it, brought about a history that is recorded in the writings, the prophets and the Talmud. And here is the thing that will blow your mind even more, Zechariah spoke before the second Temple destruction. He didn’t know there will be another temple destruction, and yet it happened on the same timeline, same dates. But he spoke also of days coming, when these sad, destructive times, times that he didn’t even know will repeat themselves over the existence and history of the Jewish people, will eventually turn, for good.

The Cycle of the Fasts

As feasts have cycles, so do fasts. The main events happened like this:

  • 10th month (10th of Tevet) Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem

  • 4th month (17th of Tammuz) Walls were breached during second temple period. During the first temple period the walls were breached on the 9th.

  • 5th month (9th of Av) Both Temples burns down. They burn into the 10th of Av

  • 7th month (3rd of Tishrei) Jewish autonomy ends during the first temple period after the assassination of Gedaliah the righteous governor of Judah.

These 4 fasts cycles within a three-and-a-half-year cycle.

As part of the more sensitive dates within the Hebrew Calendar, many other calamities befell the Jewish people during these days. This is not happenstance and the archaeological digs at the ancient Biblical Jerusalem (City of David) and around Temple Mount confirm these times of distress.

The fast of Tammuz (or the fast of the 4th month) kicks off what is known as the three weeks of mourning or “between the straits“. It is the three weeks (21 days) that leads up to the most dire day of the year – Tisha b’AV (9th of Av) – the day when the footstool of the Most High, the Holy Temple, was completely destroyed.

The Tide is Turning

Something amazing is happening in the Israel. As we have passed both Jerusalem’s 50th year of unification and Israel at 70, events on the ground are showing us that the tide is indeed turning, and so too the fasts are turning into feasts. Even in the ancient Biblical Jerusalem, the City is shaking off her dust and revealing more and more of the past, prompting us to prepare for the future.

But as Israel has passed her 70 years mark, the world has entered a time of correction, a time in which the original order (or Divine order of governance) will be restored*. There are personal changes to be made. We have entered an auspicious time frame in which these changes will become more evident and will be easier to make. But a lot has to do with the nations versus Israel. In Zechariah 1 G-d says that after the 70 years of Israel under a curse, He will graciously return to His People and the Land, whereas the punishment will now shift against the nations who not only executed punishment against Israel, but in G-d’s own words: “overdid the punishment”.

In this time, the nations will have to repent, whereas Israel will simultaneously be vindicated and boldly move forward toward ultimately taking up their call in the Land being a “Light unto the Nations”.


A big encouragement and sure sign that we have begun the time of correction is the fact that a group of thoughtful Christians have started to take ownership of the atrocities carried out against the Jewish people over 2,000 years. I have seen many Christians asking the Jewish people forgiveness in the past for this, but Bob O'dell (from Root Source) and his group has not only compiled an extensive list of these atrocities, but are also organizing a day of repentance, calling it the Nations' 9th of Av. This is massive leap forward for G-d's Redemption plan for the nations. I have been asked to share at this event and would love to see you there.

JOIN THE EVENT: The Nations' 9th of Av

You can also listen to my interview with Laura Densmore on the subject of 9th of Av and the event in our podcast:




I encourage you to secure your position in this time period we've entered into. Align With Zion and join me in making sure we get this out to all of those who are serious about Biblical Prophecy and how G-d guides and governs His world.

We have created a tool by which you can do this. It is called the Zion Script. It is not only a marker ("tziun") from Zion ("Tzion") itself, but it is a constant reminder directing you towards Zion, physically and spiritually. LEARN MORE HERE.

*More on this subject in the weeks coming.

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