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We're Closer Than You Think - The Missing 164 Years

The scholars refer to it as "the missing years", and it might just make a major difference in the way we approach things. Let's first cover the basics: we know that the world has an expiration date and we're deep into the countdown. Firstly, it will last for 7,000 years and that at the end of 6,000 years if Israel did not manage to bring the Geula b'aheshena (before its time) b'rachamim (in mercy) we will hit a very hard transition entering the last 1,000 years.

Yes, there will be an 8,000, 9,000 and 10,000 years as well where eventually time will dissolve, and we will not only reach the status of Adam HaKadmon (Adam in his original state in the Garden of Eden), but we will be able to make the rectification into perfection that he couldn't achieve, in essence taking us beyond what Adam was when he was created. By rising through the sfirot and the four worlds ultimately to arrive at the place of absolute oneness with G-d. That's far in the future, which firstly gives you perspective that there is still a lot to transpire beyond our human scope and that we are but specs in a much greater plan than what we can ever imagine, but secondly, that it's not for us to worry about that now, let's just try to reach the Geula (Redemption) first.

We know that Mashiah has to arrive on the scene 40 years before 6,000 years, so that means in the year 5960. But what if I told you that we are not in the year 5782 right now, but actually in the year 5946. That means that Mashiah has to arrive latest in 14 years. BUT, even if we didn't get to bring the Geula way before its 6,000-year deadline, my personal opinion is that Mashiah will enter the arena before 14 years transpire. We might not have been able to make a huge dent in shortening the galut (exile), but after 2,000 years of harsh persecution it has to count for something and as I mentioned before the Birth of the State of Israel was the point of no return. But still dear readers, 14 years, even in the lifespan of man, is not a long time and makes the arrival of world changing events imminent.

But how did I get to this calculation? As mentioned before, scholars have been debating this for a long time, but the general agreement is that we lost 164 years somewhere along the line. Below I include Shaul Kullok's explanation for better understanding:

We found written in the Talmud that: ”The days of the Messiah will last forty years”(Sanhedrin 99a), and also that human history will last for 6,000 years (Sanhedrin 97a). It means that the Messiah can’t arrive later than the year 5,960 of the Hebrew Bible Chronology (5960+40=6,000). This chronology is now believed to be given by the Hebrew Calendar, by which the world is presently in the year 5781. Nevertheless, defined in its current form on the 2nd Century (Seder Olam), this chronology has been lately challenged by research studies, universally accepted, where it is established that the destruction of the Second Temple took place in the year 586 BCE.

Indeed, well defined in accordance with the Hebrew Bible and Talmud, the year of destruction of the First Temple was the year 3338 of the Hebrew Bible Chronology. Hence, the beginning of the Common Era will take place 586 years later, meaning on the year 3,924 of the Hebrew Bible Chronology (3338+586=3924). Very simple, the present year 2021 is the year 5945 of the Hebrew Bible Chronology (3924+2021=5945), and NOT the year 5781 given by present Hebrew Calendar!

The persistent world-wide blindness for not recognizing a very simple Calendar fact must, in view of biblical prophesies, necessarily be terminated. Indeed, they foresee events affecting the world at large, like in Malachi 3:19 and 3:23, and in Isaiah 2:19 and 2:21 to take place at the “end of days”. Therefore, those people talking and writing about the “end of days”, “Messianic times”, “arrival of the Messiah”, must come to terms with themselves, and decide if the Talmud and/or the “586 BCE as time of destruction of the First Temple” are wright or wrong.

Because the time of destruction is universally accepted (586 BCE) unless the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud sages are wrong, the end of the 6,000 years falls on the year 2076 of our Common Era (3,924+2,076=6,000). Therefore, the 40 years of the Messiah, and the strong alterations of the physical world foretold by the prophets, may start not later than the upcoming year of 2036 (2036+40=2076). But it can’t be excluded that they could start even before.

In accordance with the Hebrew Bible and prophesies, the magnitude of the upcoming events are so great, and they are so near, that a maximal effort should be done in order to inform the world, end particularly to the Jewish people, that in relation to the Biblical Chronology we are now in the year 5945, and not in the year 5781 given by the current Hebrew Calendar. Therefore, all people should start to be prepared for the imminent arrival of the Biblical “End of Days”.

We should wake up from the current Calendar induced sleeping state in which we are, because the current Calendar let us think that there is still time…

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