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The catalyst that started the vicious destructive cycle in the Hebrew Calendar kicked off in Tevet. Tevet is literally the darkest month of the year. That is why pagan religions deify the vernal equinox that brings about the change in season where the power of darkness is broken and "light enters the world" to bring about produce and sustenance. Billions still worship this concept to this day.

Tevet is also the time when the spiritual light is dangerous as the protection of the Shchina (the female aspect of G-d's presence) doesn't offer a great deal of protection, almost like the ozone layer protecting us from the sun's rays. This is important to understand: we need the light of the sun, but without the ozone it destroys us. We need the spiritual light that was generated during Hanukkah, but without the protection of the Shchina, it can sow havoc in our lives.

Even though we are now in a turn-around where Zechariah 8 promises us that the fasts will turn into feasts, a wise person will understand that we are not there yet. We're getting there, and we can see the changes all around us, but we still need to navigate the klippot that are now more volatile than ever. Remember, the Ramchal warns, that in the time when the klippot will start losing their grip on the encapsulated sparks, losing their power, they will put up an aggressive fight. How does that translate into our lives? In Tevet you need to lie low and let go. Don't get drawn into fights. Step down, even if you know you are in the right. Wait for Shevat when the spiritual dynamic turns into your favour.

I hear you say this sounds a lot like a horoscope reading. I say, "My people perish because of a lack of knowledge" - Hosea 4:6.

Studying and gaining knowledge on how G-d runs the world puts you in a position of power and protection. Through the full Torah, Written and Oral, we gain insights on how G-d runs His world, that's what the Torah is for, a life manual, a map telling you how and where to walk aka Halacha. Hashem in His wisdom created times of favour but also times that lend itself to destructive forces, this is His way, this is how He chose it. Looking into His Word gives you the advantage to know how to navigate your life in this world He created.

The Five Books of Moses, the Torah, gave us the outlines and the principles behind the rules. The rest of the TANAKH shows us practical examples of how these cycles instituted by G-d runs in our life. The Oral Torah gives us hands-on tools on how to live this life, it expands and put flesh on the bones.

So, let's try and understand what is happening in this month. G-d in His infinite wisdom allowed the story of the Maccabees to happen when we enter the darkest time of the year. It's there where He granted us the victory through light. Hanukkah starts very timely in the month of Chesvan allowing us to build up some light and gain momentum to storm the darkness of Tevet. Generating the light of Hanukkah gives you the ability to access the hidden light, Or HaGanuz. This was the light by which G-d created the world. He then hid it for a time to come. The only way you can access it is by gratitude. The moment you are grateful for your lot in life you access the hidden light. But for eight days during Hanukkah you have the opportunity to draw that infinite light into your soul and home. You still need to light the candle, but that is opening the portal to the actual light to enter.

In our prayers we say the victories that was affected in those days at this time! The same power and victory then are available to you now. Moreover, one flask of oil rescued from utter destruction brought about this miracle. Can you imagine if we had the Temple and this light was perpetually available? And still this drop of light still overcomes tremendous darkness.

Then comes Tevet. Rabbi Moshe Vali, the mentor of the Ramchal, reminds us in his commentary on Jeremiah 39, that gives the account of Jerusalem's besiegement and ultimate destruction, that we should rejoice that the destruction happened and is behind us. You can only go up from here. But if destruction was decreed, it means that you have to meet it and then move on. So, if we have passed that mark, it means we can now rebuild. G-d took out His wrath on stone. Instead of hitting Am Israel, He diverted the blow onto the Temple, the place of His indwelling. We survived, but the connection was lost. The world currently lives on a trickle.

Now that it is done, we can and have to move on. I keep on getting the same message from Hashem, over and over: we are on the upcurve. And that is the message of this hour, even in the darkest of winter, we know the season is changing. And on the cusp of the darkest hour, He gave us the victory of light, to last us until the cycles of light kick in. That means, that even if you see terrible destruction around you, deep down, hidden away, the cycles and dynamics of life and healing has already begun, hidden from the human eye. All you need to do is stand and hold your ground and not for one minute give in. The process initiated will walk itself out. We are not in the place of affecting change anymore. Yes, you can and must work daily on yourself and maintain, but when it comes to the world, Hashem's got this. Don't try to do His work.

This being said, we will still see a lot of darkness spread in the coming two to three years. It has to. The Ramchal explains in Daat Tvunot that Hashem has now suspended the system of reward and punishment, meaning on surface level it will seem that evil will go unpunished and good will go unrewarded. Don't for a minute think that the heavenly accounts are suspended. Everything is recorded and all will be judged - just not now. It means that evil is allowed to take over for it to ultimately hang itself on its own gallows, it needs to be given rope by Divine design.

But as the system of reward and punishment is suspended, the hidden process of perfection that He directs in order to return everything to ultimate good is gaining momentum. This system can only pierce through when evil "seems" to gain ultimate control.

Which brings me to Jerusalem and its besiegement. After this destructive cycle played itself out twice in history, over the course of two millennia and for at least one millennium, the true location of Jerusalem was completely lost, except for Temple Mount. Whereas most people think that the Old City as we know it today is the ancient city, the Old City and its walls, were only built by Suleiman the Great 450 years ago. The Ancient Biblical Jerusalem lies outside of these confines and is over 3,000 years old, perhaps even 4,000 according to archaeology.

The Maharal of Prague in The Book of Divine Power made a commentary on Rabbi Akiva's statement pointing out that the Temple means North (Tsaphon) which comes from Tsaphun, hidden. Jerusalem or the lower city allocated south (Yamin) indicates the revealed place of G-d's power. This is very significant. The Ancient Biblical City of Jerusalem was only rediscovered a 150 years ago. It was rediscovered in 1867 by Charles Warren during the Yovel year. 50 years later the "Old City" was liberated by Allenby in the year 1917 - after another yovel cycle. Jerusalem was reunited in 1967 - another yovel cycle. Add another 50 years, in 2017, President Trump declared Jerusalem the Capital of Israel. Hashem proclaimed through these cyclical events His revealed works are being made known again.

After being besieged, destroyed, and ultimately lost, Jerusalem, personifying G-d's revealed acts is rising from the dust and ashes. Far from being rebuilt, as this can only come into fruition once the Temple is rebuilt and the throne of the Son of David is re-established on the palace of the original "Tel" (Jer 30:18), the steady rise of the ancient city affected already the Jewish people's return to the land and the modern day city of Jerusalem to be established and spreading out to the right and left (Isaiah 54:3). Remember, the more she is being revealed (and opened up), the more she is being heard on high. And the only thing the city calls for is for her sons to return, not just physically, but spiritually, accepting again the Yoke of Heaven, Torah and mitzvot. This is why we see a rise in Aliyah and also the biggest Baal Tshuva (Jews returning to Torah and Mitzvot) in history.

After 70 years, a cycle of restoration and completion, Jerusalem and the Jewish People entered an additional 7 years - the 11th seventh cycle. 70 years according to Zechariah is enough for Hashem to do a reset, so why an added 11th cycle? There are a few pointers: firstly, there are eleven spices in the ketoret (Temple incense). The 11th is Chelbana (Galbanum), a foul-smelling spice, representing the sinners. The Ketoret was not accepted in the Temple, unless all prescribed spices were included, according to their specific proportions. Our prayers and tshuva are not accepted unless the sinners are included. In fact, including this foul-smelling spice ultimately strengthened the pleasant aroma of the incense. 11th spice also alludes to the Esav ideology, which makes perfect sense that Esav/Edom ideology, system and current governing religion will come to its end at the end of this cycle.

Eleven is also associated with Yosef and his dreams. Yosef was also the 11th son. We are coming to the end of the reign of Yosef (the USA and UK, Menasshe and Ephraim). Mashiah ben Yosef will ultimately be revealed at the end of this reign cycle in order to give over to Ben David. The Government will shift from the US and the Kingship from the UK back to the ultimate reign in Jerusalem.

The hidden sfira in the Tree of Life is Da'at (Knowledge). Da'at is a higher consciousness. Rabbi Hirsch makes mention of this consciounesss that needs to precede the full Geula. This conciousness however is no the ultimate end, but a precurser to the world accepting the full Torah and commandments that will eminate from Zion. Entering into the 11th cycle, we have entered a time where a higher consciousness will be accomplished (Joel's prophecy of Hashem pouring His spirit on all flesh in order for them to see the full truth.) Justice in judgment can only prevail if people have full knowledge. Sadly enough, that doesn't mean that all will choose to live by this truth, but it none the less have to precede the great day of Judgment to give all a fair chance.

The difference in the solar (male aspect and rule) and lunar (female aspect and rule) cycle is 11 days. The sages teach us that in the beginning the sun and moon were equal. When the moon complained about this G-d told the moon to diminish herself. Ultimately this equality will be reinstated, and the 11th cycle will bring that about. We can see how the modern media testifies to this with women's rights on the rise. Unfortunately, without the G-d factor being acknowledged and incluced, this rendering of equality is currently ironically askew and unbalanced. A healthy, balanced equality will ultimately be established on Torah principles. I highly recommend the book by Devorah Fashtag, The Moon's Lost Light, for further reading on this subject.

This 11th cycle, if we truly understand it correctly (remember, we read this as a forecast, not a prophecy), will culminate on Yom Kippur in the year 5786 (2025). Beyond its 7 year cycle, there is a 10 year cycle that parallels it, but that's beyond the scope of this article. The Zohar states that G-d always rises to fight Israel's battles after a sabbatical. We have entered a new counting of the sabbaticals since the establishment of Israel and the reunification of Jerusalem, and although we honour the ancient sabbaticals it seems that the major events will take place on the modern Sabbaticals when Hashem reset the clock during the birth of the State of Israel.

That means that we are already four years into this seven year cycle and that there is an intense ride ahead in the coming two to three years leading up to the culmination of the eleventh seventh cycle. Seeing that the Gog and Magog war will take place in Sukkot (war of roofs aka trust in G-d vs trust in Man/self-made power), the pace will have to pick up exponentially.

Back to Tevet. On the 8th of Tevet the multi-dimensional Torah was translated into the impure Greek tongue - tragedy of epic proportions. From there it has been watered down into all the world languages. Still a Chesed from the highest wisdom as it allowed the world a minute insight into how Hashem runs His world. The counter sign, that we are steadily moving towards redemption is the fact that there is a world-wide awakening to understand the Torah in the holy tongue, Hebrew. Those showing interest are also those who are very likely part if the lost tribes of Israel, returning to their roots.

On the 9th of Tevet, today (13 Dec), Ezra and Nehemiah passed away. Those who insured the return to Zion and the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the Temple.

Tomorrow is the 10th of Tevet, the besiegement of Jerusalem and the beginning of the ancient destructive cycle.

Putting together all the puzzle pieces, the promise of Zech 8 (fasts to feasts), the upcurve, the 11th sabbatical cycle, the rediscovery of ancient Jerusalem and its subsequent promise of G-d's works again to be revealed, we acknowledge and harness the knowledge that has already been given us and we ask for an ever-higher revelation of Da'at - Divine Consciousness. The key lies in acknowledgement. Those who are aware and verbally acknowledge these dynamics before Hashem are given more. It is in this Da'at that we will take refuge when the time comes. It is in this hiddenness that G-d will hide us when the storm draws near. - Isaiah 28:14-20, Isaiah 54.

The L-RD has purposed to destroy the wall of the daughter of Zion; He stretched out the line, He did not withdraw His hand from destroying; but He made the rampart and wall to mourn, they languish together.

- Lamentations 2:8

Jerusalem is key to all these events. We now know that a historical-cosmic program is embedded in the borders and positioning of the ancient city and that it can be decoded through the Torah, Tanakh and Jewish Tradition. The Line of Judgement in Psalm 19:5, Isaiah 28:17, Lamentations 2:8 will be reapplied and we will shift from destruction to the rebuilding of the ancient ruins (Zech 1: 16-17).

Through our previous articles we are aware that this planetary line has been moving steadily southwards over thousands of years, and that it has been hitting key points in the Biblically allocated borders of Israel affecting the entrances and exits of the Jewish people in Eretz Israel. Please refer to our planetary line page for more info. The greatest and initial destruction happened when the line moved over the Temple mount area in Jerusalem. If the line, that can only move southwards have to be "reapplied", it means that there has to be a shift in the planet's core and magnetic poles. There would be an initial acceleration with a very sudden tip in the end.

Science has now confirmed this approaching and eminent cataclysmic event. Jewish sourced confirm this and speaks of a future event occuring again.

See the latest NASA reports on the rapid shifting of the magnetic field here:

Prophecies of mountains melting and being levelled doesn't seem that farfetched anymore.

The Bible draws a very strong connection between Jerusalem's walls and the Line of Judgement.

Zechariah 1 prophecy also comes after a 70 year period expired. Interestingly enough, when the original 70 year period expired after the Babylonian exile, the line exited the most southern border of the ancient city. After that Ezra and Nehemiah returned to rebuilt Jerusalem. History as we know it, repeats itself. So today (9th of Tevet) on the passing of these Aliyah/Return to Zion giants, and tomorrow (10th of Tevet) on the key moment when Jerusalem was besieged, make sure you not only acknowledge these precious portals in time, but that you ask for the destuctive cycle to be turned and also for a higher consciousness in understanding G-d's world and will for this time.

Eyes on Zion.

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