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Three Day Kickstarter

The catalyst that started the vicious destructive cycle in the Hebrew Calendar kicked off in Tevet. Tevet is literally the darkest month of the year. That is why pagan religions deify the vernal equinox that brings about the change in season where the power of darkness is broken and "light enters the world" to bring about produce and sustenance. Billions still worship this concept to this day.

Tevet is also the time when the spiritual light is dangerous as the protection of the Shchina (the female aspect of G-d's presence) doesn't offer a great deal of protection, almost like the ozone layer protecting us from the sun's rays. This is important to understand: we need the light of the sun, but without the ozone it destroys us. We need the spiritual light that was generated during Hanukkah, but without the protection of the Shchina, it can sow havoc in our lives.

Even though we are now in a turn-around where Zechariah 8 promises us that the fasts will turn into feasts, a wise person will understand that we are not there yet. We're getting there, and we can see the changes all around us, but we still need to navigate the klippot that are now more volatile than ever. Remember, the Ramchal warns, that in the time when the klippot will start losing their grip on the encapsulated sparks, losing their power, they will pu