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Connect Back to the Essence of Zion

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

The concept of Zion and Jerusalem, in the world beyond Judaism and the Jewish people, has been a very ethereal concept for millennia. For most people the earthly Jerusalem was destroyed, even replaced by a more spiritual concept which rendered most prophesies in the TANAKH (Hebrew Bible) “pass their expiration date” or at least to be spiritualized and not to be taken literally.

Then 1948 happened. Israel happened – a nation was born in a day. The People of Israel were reunited with the Land of Israel. Ancient Prophecies of exiles returning, the desert starting to bloom under the hands of the Jewish people, old men sitting with their canes in the streets of Jerusalem watching the youngsters play, - prophecies suddenly started being fulfilled in fast succession. Millennia old paradigms were severely challenged, even shattered. Israel became a force to be reckoned with the Biblical prophecies vindicating the faithful guardians of God’s Word and promises, and lighting up the road ahead where the People of Israel will inevitably take their rightful place as the Priestly Nation, being a "Light to the Nations".