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                                                   By Saul Kullok



Correlation, but not causation, may take place between random variables. But if these variables are independent, it will mean that there is no predictive connection between them. It implies that the outcome of one independent variable tells us nothing about the outcome of the other. Conventional wisdom is telling us that they will have zero correlation between them. Nevertheless, a multidisciplinary research study has recently found the existence of a particular multiple correlation involving at least two independent variables showing the highest correlation, and from where a new form of causality is emerging[AH1]. This recently found multiple correlation holds between two independent variables whose values are not a priory predictable: a) geographic latitude of territorial borders, b) timings of a human population migratory related events, to and from these territories. This multiple correlation also holds the variable angular value of the mean Obliquity of the Ecliptic. One of the main empirical findings resides in that, despite the unrelated nature of independent variables of a) and b), by which they should have a zero correlation, they are found to be 1) perfectly correlated across thousands of years, and 2), the values of these two independent variables are found to be mathematically related between them. This new phenomenon was discovered of taking place within the spatial domain of our Solar System, critically depending on the existing values in the parameters of the Obliquity of the Ecliptic.  Starting around 3,500 years ago is herein interpreted as an expression of a new form of Causality. Another extraordinary fact is that 3), this phenomenon reviles that there are human migrations for which their timings of occurrence are not the result of environmental changes, nor originated from the living conditions of the migrant people, neither of the people of any other nations. Instead, these timings are solely defined by I) a mathematical algorithm in accordance with a set of geographic latitude values of territorial borders that were established at the time of the migrant’s ancestors, and II) around these migration times a new form of causality emerge, driving collective human mental activity, towards producing the migratory related event at the mathematical predefined times. This human collective phenomenon is shown herein to have been repeated many times over thousands of years, taking place at times not dependent on humans, nor on the environment. Instead, these timings are solely involving the latitude of ancient territorial borders, and precise values in the Obliquity of the Ecliptic. If only small differences in the Earth, Sun, and Moon interactions, resulting in different parameters of the Obliquity of the Ecliptic, this phenomenon could not exist. The study of this phenomenon opens new doors to the human knowledge. Indeed, it reveals a new understanding of human history and yet unknown cosmological aspects of the physical Universe.




As above mentioned, in those cases in which the intended correlation is explored between data of truly two unrelated and independent variables, like for example the price of lemon Ice cream in Tel-Aviv, and the monthly number of car accidents in London, we should expect a zero correlation. Nevertheless, an apparent correlation between these two variables could eventually be observed, which is called “spurious correlation” (SPC).

Our description starts by assuming the hypothetical case of an SPC having a high correlation. For the sake of this description, we call it Meta Correlation (MC). If no one of the variables has any relationship with the other, and if empirical evidence of a sustained correlation is assumed, it will suggest that unseen common factors are driving similar changes on the two unrelated variables. Therefore, this hypothetical MC is herein defined as a multiple correlation between two unrelated and independent variables which are in turn co-related to at least one variable of a common driving factor.

Consider now the additional hypothetical extreme case where the changes in the MC variables are found to be related and mathematically described, as if a deterministic process is involved. It means that we are going to see a hypothetical new phenomenon wherein the unseen driving common factors may comprise a mathematically described process, driving the changes in an MC variable. Assuming that this hypothetical multiple correlation case is found, it will look as if there is an interaction, a causality link, between otherwise the two fully unrelated variables a) and b) of this MC.

Precisely because the a) and b) variables of MC are totally unrelated, they are independent variables, separately driven by common factors. In this case, we will have a Meta-phenomenon wherein there is no causation linking the correlated changes of these two MC unrelated variables. Because we assume the hypothetical extreme case wherein the variables of the MC can be mathematically described like if a deterministic phenomenon is involved, this hypothetical multiple correlation is called herein: Causal Meta Correlation (CMC). And as earlier mentioned, a particular CMC has been recently found.  

 Based on available data, it is herein understood that, together with the found CMC, there is also an emergent new form of causation triggering a collective mind activity directed to bring about a migration-related event at the predefined timings. Hence, this CMC will be the expression of a new phenomenon that should be considered as “a-causal” in relation to the known Laws of Nature. In our opinion, it could be understood as the manifestation of a different natural order, a Meta phenomenon governed by a new form of causality. Because this new form of causality has already been found, it will be better understood when illustrated with the actual description of the discovered new phenomenon. Highlights of this CMC are given below. An even more detailed description is given in a separate article (Historical Events are Timely Predefined?, in, by Saul Kullok.

This hypothetical new form of causality could be described as “orthogonal” to the causality taking place in accordance with the known Laws of Nature. The two forms of causality co-exist.

The phenomenon herein presented, which can be observed and explored through measurements, will serve as a guiding example for perhaps the finding of other CMC expressed by other multiple correlation that could exist in our planet as well as in other locations of the Universe.

We are giving now the basic highlights of the recently discovered CMC, a very particular Causal Meta Correlation that emerged in the natural world within our Solar System around 3,500 years ago.





This new kind of phenomenon is herein interpreted as an expression of a new form of causality. It is localized in at least, within the spatial domain where the amplitude range, as well as the time period and rate of change of the mean Obliquity of the Ecliptic, become defined by the interactions between our planet with the other bodies of our Solar System.

It consists in a Causal Meta Correlation that takes place between two unrelated independent variables: a) a set of geographical latitude values (L1, L2,…Ln) of territorial borders of a human population, b) the timings (T1, T2,…Tn) of collective migratory related events of this population, or of their descendants, to or from these territories, as well as c), common factors: the mean Obliquity of the Ecliptic ε, and the emergence of a driving factor of the collective mind activity, that brings about the events at the mathematically predefined times. One must keep in mind that a main property of a CMC is that its independent variables, for a) and b), are totally unrelated.

A set of eleven territorial borders of ancient Israel according to the Hebrew Bible text and Archaeological studies were discriminated, and their geographical latitude values (L1,…Ln) were measured from Maps and the Internet.

The common factor driving the changes of time-variable b) are the changes of the mean Obliquity of the Ecliptic ε as a function of time τ. The value of ε has a cyclical period of around 41,000 years. These periodical changes of the mean inclination of the Earth axis' rotation in relation to the ecliptic plane, ranges from 24.5 to 22.1 degrees. Its present value is 23 ͦ.437. To calculate the mean Obliquity of the Ecliptic ε as a function of time τ, we use the Laskar’s polynomial of 19861:

                    ε = 84381”.448 – 4680.93 τ – 1.55 τ2 + 1999.25 τ3 – 51.38 τ4 – 249.67 τ5 – 39.05 τ6

                                        + 7.12 τ7 + 27.87 τ8 + 5.79 τ9 + 2.45 τ10    

Wherein τ is reckoned in terms of 10,000 years from January 1st of year 2,000.  

As above mentioned, a sequence of eleven timings T1…Tn of migratory related events have been discriminated across a time span of 3,500 years until the present, obtained as a function of Ln, from the following algorithm:

                                                                ε(Tn) = Ln- K,

Were K is a constant angular value of 8 ͦ.00895975, and Tn is the equivalent, in biblical time, to the corresponding τ value.

One main finding is that the calculated T values are the same or very close to the time values of the migratory-related events that are obtained from Biblical and historical records.

The Pearson correlation coefficient between the otherwise two said unrelated variables “L” and “T”, has almost the maximal negative correlation value -1 (-0.999651), and the Spearman Rank Coefficient between these two variables is also equal to a maximal negative correlation value of -1.

What has been found is the extraordinary fact that the migratory times T of a population are the times at which the Earth’s axis mean inclination ε was equal to a geographical latitude of biblical territorial borders of their ancestors, minus a constant angular value of 8.00895975 degrees.

The phenomenon shown herein, seems to be of a very different nature than those known until now to have taken place in the natural world. Nevertheless, the predefined nature of these migratory times holds some resemblance with the predefined timings in the animals and births migratory movements. From a more detailed description given in another related article (Historical Events are Timely Predefined?; ), by Saul Kullok, this phenomenon seems to be originated from a new form of causality. It can be considered as the expression of a new kind of interaction between the physical world and a new kind of biological forces driving the collective mental activity of humans.

Indeed, it must be noticed the extraordinary fact that the migratory timings are not depending on environmental changes, nor on individual or collective human activity of the migrant people, neither on the human activity of people in other nations. These timings are solely predefined by the L Latitude values of biblical borders that were established in ancient times. Hence, it must be held in mind that this timings were not environmental neither originated by humans. Hence, they have not been defined by historic, social, economic, political, cultural or religious factors.

It seems that exist a collective global consciousness that drives a concerted mental activity of humans, that result in emergent circumstances by which the migrations takes place at the mathematically predefined times. We can interpret that this CMC is the expression of a new causal order, emerging from a preexisting global consciousness.

The predefined nature of the migratory timings driven by this global consciousness, which takes place irrespective from where and when it will happen, suggest the involvement of “non-locality”, namely of the known phenomenon of “entanglement” in space and time observed in the quantum domain. Moreover, our pointing to an existing living process (global consciousness) which is interacting with the physical world, adds a new dimension to the debated Anthropic Principle. We can see now that it is not only that, according to this principle, the Universe must be fitted for life. Much more than that, life also seems to be a cosmological factor manifested by an existing but yet unnoticed global consciousness.

This global consciousness retroacts upon the physical world, along a process non-bound by space-time, in a closed loop shaping a physical Universe that always existed, and from where the new form of causality emerges.

























 [AH1]I think this is the essence of this paper and should be highlighted if possible


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