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The Ark - Tunnels, CIA, Bats and then some

I had the privilege to speak to Harry Moskoff, a Rabbi, Kohen, investigative archaeologist, award-winning producer and totally sold-out to all matters pertaining to the Ark of the Covenant.

Harry initially worked with Noahide, Vendyl Jones - the inspiration behind the Indiana Movies. In this video we discuss the importance and function of the Ark, its current location and the weird and wonderful things surrounding the quest to find and recover it.

The Ark stands central in G-d's Kingdom governance on Earth, but it is not the all-in-all. We learn about what the Ark represents and how to move thoughtfully and consciously forward towards the Geula.


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1 comentario

09 feb 2022

That was such a great interview! My book list keeps growing. Agree with you, the CIA should not be involved!

Me gusta
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