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September 11 - Afghanistan - 24 ELUL

As the 24th of ELUL started at nighttime in Israel, the US experienced the historic 9/11 attack.

20 years later, exactly on the 24th of ELUL, the US, first by agreement, but ultimately by force had to vacate Afghanistan.

Events leading up to it with at least 60 civilians killed and dozens more wounded as the Pentagon confirmed 13 US service members died in two blasts in Kabul transpired on the 17th of ELUL - the day when the spies that slandered the Land after their return of their 40-day journey, died in the wilderness.

On the 24th of ELUL, Haggai gave account that the Zerubavel, Yehoshua (the High Priest) and the people STARTED the work on the Temple.

This also involves you today, as G-d is still working in the same timeframe in the present.

Make an effort (!!!), on the 1st of Sept 2021 (24 ELUL this year):

  • Learn at least something about the Temple.

  • Read Ezekiel 40 -41.

  • Spread awareness about the rebuilding of the Third Temple – post something, share with a friend.

  • Buy the book about the deep spiritual secrets of the Temple.

Every effort counts and is recorded in the Heavenly annals!

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