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Kislev - Chodesh Tov!

Dear All, I'm a bit frustrated for not getting Parshat Toldot recorded. Such good stuff in it, so I'll try to incorporate it in the next parsha. My focus is currently on understanding the focus and consciousness that we need to have for the times coming. We need quite a paradigm shift if we want to harness the "Ark dynamic" that we have been discussing. Whatever I learn and discover I will surely share with you all as we go along.

We are entering the month of Kislev, the month of miracles. As the craziness in the world is increasing, we need to remember that this is still G-d’s world. More than that, that He understands our personal struggles. At the same time, it is He Who allows all of this craziness to go down. Furthermore, we know that all the evil running rampant will ultimately turn on itself, implode if you may. This will happen when we all have made our personal tikkun. Which means, if the craziness is present, we still have work to do. Every moment is an extra second of G-d’s extended mercy, another moment that we can sharpen and better align our souls, do good and care for others – RUN like Rivka did when she took care of the camels, RUN like Avraham did when he saw the strangers approaching. Opportunities to reach out have not ceased, in fact they are increasing, harness them, make them yours.

We’re in the final push, so in all of this let’s keep our heads on straight, and our eyes on G-d. Let’s remind Him of His promises and expect the current corrupt almost expired system to give way into personal miracles that can release us to go deeper and higher.

And if we have to stay put for a moment, while the storm passes, then that’s ok too. There needs to be contraction before expansion. Separation before unification. Kislev is the month of the bow and the perfect example of a pull back before a release (of the arrow). So when things get hard and lonely, it is an indication that better things are on the horizon, so hang in there. But at the same time, there are hardships and challenges that we draw and accept ourselves that is all by our own doing.

The current system wants your attention on the chaos. It wants you to fear. It pulls your focus to the negative that enables it to impart more chaos and fear into your life. Do not give into this. More of this in the months to come.

In the meantime, I urge you to learn more about the building of the Third Temple. I recently interviewed Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum, the translator of the Ramchal's book that many of you already acquired. If not, have a look HERE (or click on the picture on the left). I hope to have that interview up on YouTube early next week, b'Ezrat Hashem. We will also soon have a Rabbi and Kohen from the priesthood of Tzadok, to teach us more about the importance of the Temple, so stay put, and keep on watching the blogs for updates.

Secondly, harbor no grudges, forgive quickly, don’t retain negative thoughts, and stay away from gossip and discussing others. Lashon Hara (gossip) is one of the most destructive forces that will keep you from moving forward. We need to let go of anything that wants to encroach and keep us captive in the current system. The above-mentioned things are doing just that, so let’s steer clear.

May you have a blessed, insightful and enlighted Kislev! Blessings from Zion.

Chodesh Tov and Shabbat Shalom

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Sterling Alavache
Sterling Alavache
Nov 05, 2021

You said it very well when you mentioned not holding grudges and forgiving quickly! Staying away from gossip (Lashon Hara) helps us keep our heart, mind and conscious clear so that we can stay inline with G-d's will. There are times when people will start talking about someone who is not with us and I will say "I do not feel comfortable talking about this person without them here should we go get them or wait till they are here so they can defend themselves or give their side of the story"? I have found over time that this stops gossip in its tracks I say this at work and when I'm out and about (whenever gossip rises). Using th…

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