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Double Adar - Speeding up

We have entered the first of a double Adar this year. Things seem to speed up exponentially during these 60 days. I will hopefully soon share with you the secret of the "Ibur" or impregnation - the concept of adding an extra Adar every 3 years. I just finished a great interview with Harry Moskoff on the Ark, its purpose, its location, the lost Temple vessels, and much more. I hope to have it up in the next few days. It comes timely with this week's Parsha T'rumah.

Also a reminder of the key concepts of Adar:

1) Overturning (וְנַהֲפוֹךְ הוּא) Esther 9:1 speaks of the enemies of Israel that wanted to annihilate them, but the matter was overturned into the Jews' favor. This is the month where condemning factors can be turned in your favor. 

2) Entering Adar we have to increase our joy (משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה). Even if Adar inherently has the potential of great victory, you still have to do your part. You need to actively increase your joy. That creates the environment for victorious miracles allowing circumstances to turn in your favor.

3) Adar is therefore the best month to negotiate and get a better deal. This is the month in which you want to advocate your cause, have favor in a court case, or whatever situation you find yourself in. 

Wishing all a Chodesh Adar Tov!

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Feb 07, 2022

How do we mark these dates during Adar Alef, AnaRina? I am afraid i have no idea....:(

I can only see there is no Tachnunim on the 14th and 15th ....

Thank you.


Sterling Alavache
Sterling Alavache
Feb 01, 2022

Without G-d being mentioned in the book of Esther His power and favor twords His people is present. I really needed this reminder when you said "This is the month where condemning factors can be turned in your favor" I was going through something at work and just happened to open this email and the answer to my problem was right here! I just need to increase my joy.... At times easier said than done. On time writing my friend!

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