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The RESET, G-d's way

I'm amazed looking back at what we discussed last year, and how things are coming full circle. We've had a steady pattern throughout our Podcasts on how to reconnect Yesod with Malchut. This again will help you understand what is happening right now in the world, how the current system is becoming obsolete and how it wants to grab and get whatever it can, because its time is almost up. Hey, it had a good swing for over 2,600 years. Fortunately, G-d is in control, steering us to the ultimate redemption. And in order to enter HIS system of Governance, we are handed this Pesach on a silver platter. Every pun intended here. SEDER means ORDER. And you have to do it IN ORDER to get to the next stage. It's yours, how will you harness it, how will you apply it? And for the record: there is no going back to the way things were. It's now time to push through. Eyes on the prize people! I have a short Nissan message, please have a listen.

Also listen to our previous year's podcast as we cover things in more detail. This a great way to see if you have truly made the necessary changes during the last year.

Wishing you a Pesach Kasher v'sameach!

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