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Russia/Ukraine Conflict Confirms Planetary Timeline - New Video

Mathematician Shaul Kullok predicted a time frame of drastic changes between 2020- 2024 that will bring about a massive Aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel) based on empirical scientific data derived from a timeline embedded in the Biblical Borders of Israel.

The current RUSSIA/UKRAINE conflict just stepped up the game and is a stark reminder of this cosmic countdown.

In this video we discuss outcomes, magnetic pole shifts correlating with Biblical prophecies, chilling predictions, and how G-d will raise up a protection layer over the Land of Israel during these cataclysmic events. We also discuss how the planetary line findings aid us in remembrance- a Torah commandment and now proving to be a vital dynamic in reshaping our imminent future.

We further discuss how the lack of acknowledgment of the G-d of Israel's guiding hand in history will ultimately come at a high price.

The data in these findings take Biblical accounts out of the arena of faith and into the sphere of tangible, undeniable, measurable data. We also discuss how ego blinds us in acknowledging facts and how the academic world finds it hard to incorporate anything connected to Biblical accounts.

I implore you to use this useful, data-backed tool to raise more awareness of imminent events and raise the awareness of G-d's deep involvement in the world. This in itself can bring about very needed change and help prevent harsh judgments, ushering in the Geula b'Rachamim.

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Thank you so much --- we will have to do Joel 2:13--- May HaShem guide us all to Remeber Him and acknowledge Him alone

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