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Rachel Imenu and Benyamin

Today is a bitter-sweet day, as we are celebrating the birthday of Benyamin but also the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imenu (our mother). Benyamin was the only child of Yaakov who was born in Israel.

Rachel weeps for her children. Rachel is the mother of Yosef and Benyamin, she therefore also "oversees" the 10 Tribes. She was buried on the crossroads, weeping for her children, especially the lost sparks of the 10 Tribes. But Hashem promises that her tears are not in vain. Her children will return to their borders.

In this month where the Kingdoms split and Yerovam from the Tribe of Ephraim (Yosef) coerced the 10 Tribes away from Jerusalem, the House of David and led them into deviant worship ultimately causing them to wander for over 2,600 years, entagled in idoltary; in this same month Rachel's tears counteract this tragic event, calling for their return. And now, more than ever, as we see the klippot brittle and break and many returning to their true origins, we need to pray and join her prayers and tears - more than ever before, petitioning from Hashem for the return of every last lost spark!

Light a candle in her name, pray in her merit.

Wishing all a Shavua Tov

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