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Purim Sameah!

Today is Purim. Just as Esther's identity was hidden, and Hashem's presence is hidden in the Book of Esther (G-d is never mentioned in the Book of Esther), so we also don in costumes to hide our identity on this day. For the Bnei Noah who are not Jews, feel free to join us on this day, wear at least something festive!

Although on surface level dressing up in costumes looks a bit like Halloween, Purim stands perpendicular to what Halloween represents. Purim vs Halloween is Light vs Darkness.

May we soon merit the Or HaGanuz (the Hidden Light) that was hidden during creation and that will be revealed to the righteous during the Geula Shlema (final redemtpion)!

Bring on the Joy! Purim Sameach y'all.

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