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NEW Video: The Missing Link _The Temple

I had a great interview with Rabbi Amichai Cohen from Tsfat. He comes from the line of Tzadok, the priests who will serve in the future Temple.

In this interview, we explore further how the Temple is the missing link and how our yearning will help establish its rebuilding. Unfortunately, most people don't even know that the most important link is missing from their lives. We explore the powerful number 15, its connection to G-d's name and how it is embedded within many facets of the Temple and Temple Service and even in our modern-day prayers.

This is a must watch before the 24th of Kislev (day before Hanukkah), as it also includes the last of the Haggai prophecies that speaks of the Temple's connection in how G-d continue to shake the nations, kingdoms and governments in the times coming.

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