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Missing Section of Wall of Ancient Jerusalem Rediscoverd

Archaeological excavations in the City of David National Park have uncovered the remains of the city wall, which was built during the Iron Age - the days of the First Temple in the Kingdom of Judah, to protect Jerusalem from the east.

As we are in the Nine Days leading up to Tisha B'Av, this discovery gives us timely encouragement that truly fasts will turn into feasts (Zech 8).

As we discussed, the word KEDEM (that which was before) is the root of Kadima (to progess forward). Now that more and more of these ancient walls are discovered, we can look forward to the days where Jerusalem will become a Praise to the Earth.

On your walls, oh Jerusalem, I have set WATCHMEN, all day and all night they will never hold their peace, You who are the L-RD'S remembrancers, don't take rest (be not quiet), and give Him nor rest UNTIL He establishes her as a Praise to the earth.

- Isaiah 62:6-7

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