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Jerusalem Besieged = the World Besieged

Today we mourn the beginning of the destruction of Jerusalem, culminating in two exiles and almost 2,000 years of disconnect from our precious Home. Interesting that the COVID-19 virus was first identified exactly a year ago on this day (see picture below) – suddenly the world was besieged. No coincidences here.

If only the world would know that perhaps the antidote to this whole thing lies within the message of this very date. That it is time to turn their eyes to Zion. That they should acknowledge Jerusalem, and the Jewish People, but above all the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His House that to this day still lies in ruins.

For a long time, Jerusalem’s besiegement was a Jewish matter, the world didn’t care about fasting and mourning her. Now, it’s getting a bit too close for comfort. Now, it’s personal.

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