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It's Never Too Late - Second Chances

Shalom from Jerusalem! It's good to be back after an unplanned hiatus. So much happening in the world!

Today is Pesach Sheini, or the "Second Pesach". We read in Bamidbar (Numbers) 9: 1-14 that there were people in the camp who had to take care of the dead during Pesach and could therefore not partake in the Pesach offering. Hashem allowed them to bring the offering exactly a month later on the 14th of Iyar.

Through this the Torah teaches us that it is never too late to change things, even do it better the second time around. Life is one big learning curve! There are always a second chance. Today is especially aupsiocous to take hold of an opportunity to make right, to do that thing you coudn't do or finish.

It is also important to eat a piece of Matza on this day. Make sure you do it with the right intention, asking Hashem to show you where you can better yourself the second time around.

Wishing you a happy Pesach Sheini!

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