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Imminent Aliyah - the King and His Palace

Most of you are well aware of the Planetary line projection made by mathematician Shaul Kullok of an Aliyah window that started end of 2019, beginning 2020, with a strong point in 2024, stretching all the way to 2028. The line is currently crossing the southern border of Reuven that's part of the ancient borders of Israel as delineated in the Book of Yehoshua. As this planetary line hits multiple points on the Arnon river simultaneously, Aliyah is "activated".

Courtesy: Shaul Kullok

Just after our interview in 2019 (which you can view HERE), wherein Shaul predicted a major shift in the world, Covid hit, drastically changing worldwide socio-economic dynamics. Shaul, according to his opinion on how the aliyah phenomenon will play out, specifically pointed out that Israel's economy will get stronger, making Israel a viable option of immigration for Jews. He further pointed out that the line crosses the Biblical border of Reuven, a tribe that is part of the Ten Lost Tribes. He reiterated that this means that we will together with the Jews (representing the tribe of Yehudah, Benyamin, and Levi), see the return of the lost 10 Tribes as this is an integral part of the Kibbutz Galuyot (ingathering of the exiles) and key in bringing about the Geula Shlema.

Leviathan Gas Rig

The moment when it became clear that the Russian-Ukraine war impacted gas imports from Russia to the EU, Shaul said that Israel's fossil fuel plant might play a key part in this projection. At that stage, there were a few hurdles. Firstly, Turkey, the most likely option for a pipeline, did not seem viable, and even though serious steps towards normalizing relations with Turkey have been taken in the last few months, relations still remain fractured. Furthermore, the Minister of Energy, Karine Elharrar announced in 2021 that her ministry will not award gas exploration licenses for 2022 in a bit to explore alternative energy solutions. US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, also downplayed any possibility to explore Israel's gas imports to Europe, saying Israel won't be able to deliver in time.

Things did not look rosy at all. Moreover, Tel Aviv currently ranks 5th and Jerusalem 15th in the world's most expensive cities to live in. With a global rise in inflation and the world economy struggling (without us going into the real reasons why food supply lines are stifled, likely to culminate in a man-made famine), something needs to change for Israel to become a viable option. It needs to rise above the powers that be, that are trying to rein in and control the world economy.

One thing Shaul pointed out very specifically, is when the appointed time comes, nothing can stop Hashem to bring about what He promised and planned. Whether it seems good (flourishing local economy) or bad (all things Covid and you know what).

And so, during the last few weeks, the Minister of Energy, Karine Elharrar, suddenly renewed offshore natural gas exploration. Then, about a week ago, hydrocarbon exploration and production company Energean revealed they made a significant commercial gas discovery within the Israel maritime border. Lebanon as expected, opposed, but it seems clear that the potential gas rig lies outside the area Lebanon disputed.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen arrived in Jerusalem this week to work on a deal that will import gas via Egypt to Europe via shipments. The landmark deal was signed yesterday in Cairo. They are further looking into developing the EuroAsia Interconnector, that will connect Israel to the EU grid via Cyprus and Greece through the world’s longest and deepest underwater power cable as well as the EastMed pipeline also running via Cyprus and Greece.

Then on cue, local media outlets reported that Israel is making a major push toward affordable housing. You can read more about it here and here

Pixabay:Alexander Antropov

There are two more developments to keep an eye out for. The U.N. atomic watchdog agency reported last week that Iran has begun removing 27 cameras monitoring its nuclear activity. The Nuclear deal and sanctions from the beginning had no teeth. Iran knew it from the start, so did Israel. The rest of the world still think they can change hearts with odes of peace. It also came out that Iran has categorically lied to the U.N. about where they are in the nuclear development. The U.N. felt insulted. "How could Iran lie to people who are trying to make the world a better place?", placing their heads neatly back in the sand. Iran has made it very clear that they are moving forward in going nuclear, unhindered. Both the US and Israel are taking clear steps toward thwarting this aggressive behavior. Air drills, with refueling mid-air, have made headlines.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, due to the ongoing political soap opera, the current government is about to drop one of the most important bills that will have historical if not "end-of-days" ramifications. The bill that protects Jewish settlements in Yehudah and Shomron, (or politically referred to as "the West Bank").

The government has been trying to save the bill by advancing legislation unanimously through the Ministerial Committee on Legislation as the coalition failed to pass it on the plenum - facepalm. It gets worse though. The right-wing opposition under Netanyahu refuses to help pass the bill, as their trying to get back in the game is far more important than the lives of almost a half-million Jews that voted for them.

The bill expires end of June. (Hello Tammuz, ouch.) Only time will tell if they will be able to save it. One beacon of hope still remains, the 23rd of Sivan, the day on which Mordechai and Esther sent out a new decree allowing the Jews to defend themselves against their enemies. This will be next week Thursday, 23 June. Let's see what that day brings.

For the Biblical prophecy of Gog u'Magog to take shape, we might lose Yehudah and Shomron as the enemy "needs to advance" on the hills of Jerusalem. This has been a highly hypothetical discussion, an almost impossibility... until last week. It was truly a "wait, what?" moment for me. The mere fact that the failing coalition might let this bill slip through their fingers is very troublesome. And even if they might save it somehow, the fact that the possibility of losing the Yehudah and Shomron even exists is extremely alarming.

A lot of us think, what more can I do? In the 1930s the Jews in Germany and greater Europe, the minority who chose to see the signs and act proactively, got out, many of them making their way to a quite hostile Palestine under British rule. The Jews weren't welcome anywhere, but (future) Israel was a better option than the ticking time bomb in Europe. They left, no matter how hard the journey or unsure the destination. But this time around, it's global red lights going off unceasingly. I find myself often saying to Tamir: "we made Tshuva, spiritually and physically. We came back. We're in Jerusalem! There is nowhere else to go. We have returned."** Every time I say that, a calm sets in. During prayer and meditation the last few weeks, I was reminded of the moment Esther revealed her identity and the threat to her and her people's lives by the evil Haman, an Amalekite.

And the king arose in his wrath from the banquet of wine and went into the palace garden...

Esther 7:7

The sages tell us that whenever you read "the King" without citing Achashverosh in the Book of Esther, it refers to Hashem. As the King leaves the palace, Haman begs for mercy, falling on top of Queen Esther. The midrash says an angel pushed him. The whole plot in the Book of Esther shows how the poor evil haughty ignorant fool, blinded by his hatred for the Jewish People, was completely set up, unknowingly devising his own demise - with a little help from above. I want to make this clear: there are people in this world who have been working their whole life (and in the context of gilgulim: lifetimes) towards the destruction of the Jews and for that matter the world. They absolutely believe they will succeed. They absolutely believe that they can trump G-d with their science and technology, working hard on building a gallows 50 amot high.

Hashem annuls the counsel of the nations, He balks the designs of peoples (Ps 33:10)

Many designs are in man's heart, but the counsel of Hashem - only it will prevail (Prov 19:21).

For He spoke and it came to be, He commanded and it stood firm (Ps 33:9).

For Hashem chose Zion , He desired if for His dwelling place (Ps 132:13).

For Hashem chose Yaakov as His own, Israel as His s'gula (treasure) (Ps 135:4).
For Hashem will not cast off His people, nor will He forsake His heritage. (Ps 94:14).

Let's get back to Haman on Queen Esther's lap. At that very moment the King returns, and he is enraged.

Then said the king: 'Will he even force the queen, with me in the house?'

Esther 7:8

The house referred to here is the King's palace. Israel, Jerusalem even more specifically, is referred to as the Palace of Hashem.

The story goes on that Haman's face was immediately covered and he was taken to be hanged on the very gallows he built. Only then does the Bible go on saying:

Then the King's anger abated.

Esther 7:10

Iran has to build the bomb. The enemies of Israel have to come upon the hills of Jerusalem. They have to have the audacity to attack the King's beloved. In. His. House.

Looking at all the prophecies, the Exodus from Egypt, Gog and Magog, and the story of Esther, it's as if all these stories will culminate in a multi-dimensional plot catharsis. For that to happen we will need 1) a substantial Aliyah Wave - check, 2) a moment where we might lose part of our Biblically mandated, Divinely demarcated land for a moment - check, 3) an age-old enemy bent on destroying Hashem's beloved - quadruple check, and 4) a King's fury (to be continued)...

Shabbat Shalom


**A lot of people have asked me, "what if I'm not Jewish, and I cannot come to Israel?"

My answer is that if you live as a Noahide, by the seven universal Noahide laws, having rid yourself from all idolatry (including the worship of any man claiming himself to be G-d, or being the path to salvation), and proclaiming the Oneness of G-d, you will be under His pinions and protection. For those who believe that they are part of Israel, again letting go of all idolatry, and are making active steps towards an Orthodox Jewish conversion, wherever you are on that journey with the soul purpose to get back Home to Israel in a full return, you will have His protection.

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