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Give Yourself a Fighting Chance - Harness the Light of Hanukkah

You've been had. A lot of good people are feeling miserable, they live good lives, and still there are just things that seem to keep them down. You're punching in the dark. It's time to learn about the enemy's tactics and mechanisms. The moment when you see the bigger picture, you'll know how to punch. In this week's podcast we are discussing:

  • One Hebrew letter that changes the Galut (exile) into the Geula (redemption).

  • It's time to Redeem what belongs to you

  • What does redemption mean?

  • What is my part in Redemption

  • What is the mechanism of the enemy?

  • Giving yourself a fighting chance

  • How to break free from that which keeps you in bondage

  • How to spot the negative cycles and reverse them

  • Harness and use the light of Hanukkah to break out of your personal exile

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