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From This Point Forward - Election Analysis

Unity First - New Generation

Most people, and even more so those supporting Israel, are still reeling with confusion on what happened, and is happening in the aftermath of the elections. For the Israelis it doesn't come as much of a surprise, as we have been following things closely in real-time on the ground. But it sometimes feels to me like those outside of Israel, supporting Israel, wanted to see a certain outcome. They prayed so hard for G-d to protect PM Netanyahu. So, here is my take on what's happening and what may be expected in the near future. It’s an opinion, not a prophecy.

Out of personal experience around two months ago, I came to realize that G-d wants unity within the Jewish People from this point forward. Regarding my own experience, without going into too much detail, I was in the weaker position, and a certain person/party refused to collaborate, having an "only us or nothing" policy. I was completely against the odds in every way, but understanding that my specific task in the greater scheme of things counted before G-d, coupled with years of trial and error, I was able this time to calmly hand the situation over to Hashem. Outside pressure played in my favor, and the "opposition" had to comply in working out some kind of collaboration, which ended up in a rotating participation of some sorts. I understood that the specific person was under the pressure from the organisation she/he was representing. I have also come to know the specific person's personality, and understood her/his weaknesses that usually came into play in times like this. But more over, I also knew by now this person's amazing strengths and loyalty to the cause, and that both of us have very strong overlapping and noble goals. So G-d made it happen, for one reason only:

G-d wants UNITY.

This counts first and foremost for His People, the People of Israel. When this unity is achieved, tremendous blessing follows. It's there, in your Bible (Psalm 133:1&3) :

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! For there the L-RD commanded the blessing, even life for ever.

It’s time for Israel to receive blessings, but unity precedes this. So, this unity will not only funnel in blessing over the People of Israel in the Land of Israel, but it will start to unify those believing in the One G-d among the nations. That in turn will turn blessing to them too.

I spent the weekend in Tsfat. In one of the shop windows this painting caught my eye. Written in the roots is the word "Achdut" (Unity), written in the main branches is the word "Bracha" (Blessing).

But here’s the thing, G-d loves all of Israel. Everyone. Not just the religious. He loves all His kids. And for those outside of Israel, learning about the Jewish People (and inside too, for that matter), Rav Kook, a most beloved rabbi by religious and secular alike, reminded us all that this country was built on both the shoulders of the secular and the religious. If it weren’t for the secular, we wouldn’t have had the physical infrastructure we have today. If it weren’t for the ongoing Torah study in the yeshivas, G-d’s blessing and protection over us would have been lost - the Zevulun-Issaschar dynamic if you may. The tribe of Zevulun took care of business and provided for the tribe of Issaschar, in order for them to study Torah.

We will soon see the brittling of age-old definitions and stereotypes, the dismantling of age-old structures holding outdated ideologies. A lot of these definitions and structures came about during the Galut (Hebrew for exile), some of them were even necessary to get us through this long epoch. But these outdated concepts will now disintegrate. This disintegration will release the essence, or the “Divine sparks” the way the Jewish sages refer to it, and it will be placed into a new “setting”. The Ramchal (Rabbi Chaim Luzzato) refers to this as the restoration of the Divine Order.

- Redefined -

I mentioned before the concept of the threshing floor: that which carried you up till now, that which shaped you, if not released now, can seriously impair you in the future.

Keep in mind that the elections took place on the 17th of ELUL, the day when the men of war, the old generation who slandered the land, who told G-d’s people not to enter the land, died. According to the Zohar, it is the day when the kings (referring to the worlds preceding ours and in order to shape ours) were shattered. It was the day when Noah sent out the dove and it didn’t find a place to rest.

I think we might see a rotation government. This will be extremely uncomfortable for all parties involved. But they, we, have to make it work, because that is what G-d wants, and what we need to move forward into the next phase.

Another factor to keep in mind is that PM Netanyahu's indictment date currently falls on the Fast of Gedalyah (just after Rosh Hashana). This also doesn't bode well for the status quo that preceded the elections, as this fast is connected to the death of the last governor of Israel in the land of Israel, an event that propelled Israel into the full throes of exile, the last straw. This doesn't mean that there will be another exile. We are in the reverse of that. Again, it connects to the release of the old pattern of governance.

The Process

Remember, in the story of Noah, the dove returned on the 17th of Elul. It didn’t find rest yet. Achieving unity will be a tricky process to negotiate. A time that will leave things sort of up in the air. It will be a difficult, frustrating and complicated period of time. It will be a time to let go of past regrets and grudges, those big chips on the shoulders. A time to seek, with great personal toil of the soul, the good in others, that which binds us together.

Baruch Hashem (thank G-d) that all of this is happening in ELUL, the very time when the King is in the field to coach us through it. Use this time, to pray for unity and whatever it takes, even if it means tremendous and uncomfortable concessions. Let this intention be inscribed and sealed for us, so that we will receive the means and tools in the year ahead to work tirelessly to see the unity Hashem requires, materialize.

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