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From Potential to Realization - Tu B'shvat Sameah

The combination of the Tetragrammaton letters for this month is (ה-י-ו-ה). The two Hei's are female representing the manifestation, realizing potential. As you can see in this month the two Hei's are encompassing the word and therefore giving us the ultimate opportunity this month to move things from the realm of potential into actualization. What a beautiful gift!

Today is Tu'Bshvat the pinnacle of this dynamic. This also marks the day where the trees have reached the saturation point necessary for bringing forth the new season's fruit. The Bible likens man unto a tree. From this we know that today marks the day where we can shift the energy from gaining the understanding of our potential to the realization of that potential. In the dark winter months, and even the previous year with all its challenges, we started to gain new insights and understandings about ourselves and our tafkid (call) in this world. This only happens when things get dark and slow down. It's part of life. It's part of G-d's manifest goodness. It's normal.

Seeing that we are celebrating nature and the beauty of creation on this day, it's time to learn from nature's natural cycles of ebbs and flows, to banish the thought that when things get tough and challenges come, it's because you did something wrong. Of course, G-d in His great wisdom can and sometimes will use your shortcomings and mistakes to create the challenges that come your way, but again, to give you the opportunity to do tshuva and make the tikkun ultimately for you to rise higher - it's still only for your good!

And by now we have also learned that G-d does not waste good tests on those who will squander it. He will just leave the wicked to their own devices and vices to ultimately hang themselves by it. But a good test, that's for those He loves. So in the times of darkness and immobility when there is a natural slowing down, we are forced to quiet down and reassess, and in so doing gain new insights.

Now, that the days are still very cold and darkness still holds rein, we know by what we've learned and through our emuna (faith), that deep down the shift has begun and we can join our energy and efforts with that shift. The sooner you invest and connect with this Divine natural order, the stronger, further and higher you will emerge when the time of fruition comes. It's what we do in knowledge and emuna, when things "out there" and on surface level still looks mighty dark and hopeless, that will give you the advantage when you are again released to produce.

Furthermore, let's thank the Creator of the World for giving us nature to aid, assist us and teach us about His ways. Let's appreciate and protect the earth that we were made custodians over.

PS: and if you have the time today, give a tree that hug you always wanted to when no one's looking ;)

Tu B'Shvat Sameach!

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