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Follow the Water

How we relate to water IS the gateway to the Geula

This week a friend and I went on a spiritual getaway to Tiberias. Tiberius is known to be one of the most spiritual places in Israel together with Jerusalem, Hevron and Tzfat.

Flood:Blessing or Curse? It's all perspective

Seeing that we are in the month where water plays a pivotal role, together with the flood and the release of the rain for the coming season we went to the place that is known for its spiritual connection with water. Through this you can also connect to the Primordial waters that existed before the process of Creation.

We can also draw blessings and light directly from Binah to Malchut. Binah is the wellspring, so again connected to waters.

It is the water that will take us to the shores of the Geula

Tradition also holds that Be'er Miriam was placed in the heart of Kinneret, providing the water to the tribes and even now for modern-day Israel. Miriam's name carries the "Mar", that has the potential to be turened into "Ram" in this month - from bitter to exalted.

Hashem is breaking open new fountains and pathways leading to the Geula.

Friday night is the beginning of the 17th of Cheshvan - the beginning of the Flood. This year it falls on Shabbat, which is a hint on how we will survive the coming "flood". By resting and letting go.We also see this in Isaiah 54, the haftarah of Noah. We will delve more into these dynamics in the times coming.

Due to this visit there will be no podcast this week.

Wishing all a Shabbat Shalom u'mevurah!

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