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Excavating Shiloah: A Spiritual Outlook

I mentioned in my previous blog that I want to discuss the spiritual implications of the long-awaited excavation of the Shiloah pool. It took a few days of excavating the dynamic myself to really get to the gist of the matter. I have waited for this news for over seven years since I started working at the City of David and consequently started my own independent project regarding Jerusalem's significance. From her initial rediscovery to the point that excavations can finally commence Hashem's hand has been evident.

This is truly momentous.

I believe the excavation of Shiloah gives us a good indication of where we are at regarding the approaching Geulah Shlemah and the steps that will lead up to it just like the ancient steps of the pilgrim road, the final ascent from the Shiloah Pool up to the Beit Hamikdash (the Temple.) Jerusalem has been a map and time indicator of G-d's planand purpose for His creation.

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