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EIKEV - It's Never Been About Numbers

"Look to the ROCK from which you've been Hewn." - Isaiah 51:1

This week we are covering:

  • The difference between Yaakov vs Yisrael

  • What does the name Yisrael mean?

  • The principle of "little by little" - not to be in haste even in a very pressured world

  • Taking out the strongholds in shamayim (heaven) first

  • The significance of the number 40

  • What this week parsha says of the Liberal Woke movement

  • The Rock from which you've been hewn - it's never been about numbers.

Also, to help you understand the concept of ancient quarrying we have made a litte video as part of our Kedem Journeys. We also visited the Tomb of the Patriarchs as this week's parsha revolves around the principles that Avraham and Sarah established:

The SEVEN Consolations:

This week's Haftara also speaks about Jerusalem saying that G-d has forsaken her. We touch on this narative and Jerusalem's rising in our "Speak tenderly to Jerusalem" video.


We have already translated the video into French and Portuguese. If you have any other language that you would like this video in, in order to share it with your community, feel free to send us the translation to

For Zion's sake we shall not be quiet!

How many of your family and friends know about Ancient Jerusalem rising exactly the way the prophets foretold? Use this video in the Seven Weeks of Consolation in spreading the awareness of what G-d is doing right now. Help more people to align with the core of prophecy fulfilment.

Every effort brings us closer to the Final Redemption. Share now.

Wishing all a Shabbat Shalom U'mevorach!

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