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A Cosmic Line Embedded with G-d's Plan

A predefined time course, now revealed, that is geared towards the realization of G-d’s promises.

On 18 Sept 2019, I finally got Shaul Kullook on video to tell about his discovery (see YouTube video below - Planetary Line 2020). We've been talking about it for over a year, maybe more. He has been tweaking it, adding more data since, discovering more and more correlations and connections. But he has been talking, perhaps even warning, since our first meetings, that around Av 5779 (August 2019) a planetary line is about to cross more key points on the Arnon River, a dynamic that has proven to be key to the Awakening of the Jewish Return in the mid 1800's and then a massive unprecedented Aliyah wave in the 90's. Shaul further explained that from the line physical crossing these points, we will only see big changes around a year later or slowly starting within the initial year. This window period will last till 2024.

It almost feels redundant to point out that only 4 months after our video was up, COVID-19 hit the world, coming EXACTLY how Shaul predicted. Listen specifically at the 13:36 and 13:55 marks.

The word unprecedented keeps on popping up in our conversations. And still, what looks like something that is unheard of, has actually steadily been playing itself out for over 3,500 years and G-d is now giving us a glimpse in retrospect. I carefully want to compare it to Hashem saying to Moshe, "no one can see Me and live", but that He will cover Moshe, let His glory pass by and then: "And I will take away My hand, and you will see My back" - Exodus 33:20-22.

We've learned already the Adar concept of concealment. The Ramchal speaks in this Book Daat Tevunot about how G-d is slowly guiding His world to perfection with a very measured and meticulous plan, albeit in a very concealed way. But, like Moshe, Hashem sometimes lifts the veil for a quick peek in retrospect. It looks like Hashem is doing it again handing us a unique opportunity on a silver platter. Finally understanding this can bring a global awareness of Hashem's steady hand in history, as Shaul holds by, but more than that, recognition of these 11 miraculous events that He did along thousands of years are aimed to know Him without the need of altering the natural order by the recourse of plaguing the world with wars and/or cataclysms, and/or illness, epidemic diseases.

Meaning, if we can simply make the world aware of this, and they being able to personally recognize Him, it can bring the Geula in a much softer way than the "you didn't want to listen, now you will have to learn the hard way", with no fault on Hashem's part as He is handing out ample opportunities!

What makes this opportunity different from other attempts is that no religion or faith is necessary. It's empirical facts with precise undisputable correlations finally chucking the "I need facts" narrative under the bus. I hear you say that there are many examples of how science lines up with the Bible, proving the Bible. For instance why a Jewish boy needs to be circumcised on the 8th day as science proves that the baby's coagulation factors appear to peak on the eighth day. Or how kosher animals have a physiologically different flow of blood to the brain than non-kosher whose vertebral arteries go into the Rete Mirabile supplying blood to the brain, making the shechting of kosher animal painless to mention but two examples. Still, these examples don't cut the clear, indisputable connection with G-d for the hard-core fact chasers.

However, having a planetary line hit Biblical borders and demarcations bringing about recorded historical events with correlations so precise that it refutes any coincidence by chance, changes the playfield.

Getting Shaul to put this into a Planetary Line for Dummies format was the biggest challenge. The first documents I received from him was an academic paper filled with formulas. Now we have it down to a few slides - phew! Like during the creation of the world, we have made a massive tzimtzum, simplifying things to make it more digestible for us common folk to process.

A few personal comments on this:

  • Although people as individuals have free will, Israel as a collective, move on G-d's decree. And the nations involved with Israel at any given point in time are directly bound to this decree.

  • These miracles can only be traced through the application of the allocated Biblical borders, and not by political demarcations. The world is going to learn soon that G-d's Word reigns supreme.

Have a look at them on our new Planetary Line page. And then, as always, PLEASE share. Use this specifically for those hard-core fact chasers.

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