The word "Zion" written in Hebrew (pronounced "Tzion") on Torah parchment (leather). Added is the scripture: "For the LORD has chosen Zion; He has desired it for His dwelling place." Psalm 132:13 


Every parchment is handwritten by a Torah Scribe and therefore one of a kind. The design will therefore differ slightly from the photo in our catalog. 

The Zion Script

  • Like Daniel, the People of Israel have always faced Jerusalem during their prayers. In Jerusalem the Jewish People face Temple Mount. You can now actively Align With Zion by hanging this parchment in your house on the wall facing Jerusalem, as a constant reminder.

  • Domestic in Israel - Free Shipping

    ECO Post option ($13)  -  5-7 Business Days

    EMS: 3-5  Days (2-3 Business Days) - $30

    We usually send our mail out between Sunday to Wednesday mornings (Israel time). If you order it via EMS we will mail it within 24 hours, unless it is over Shabbat, a Jewish Festival or Fast.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, International Mail and Postage Companies are experiencing heavy delays. We DO NOT take responsibility for packages arriving late or getting lost due to this matter.

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