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Visiting Israel?

Or looking for a ZOOM lecture for your Bible study group?

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The Essence of Zion

The Place:

Significance of Jerusalem 

[past, present and future] 

  • Jerusalem’s purpose encoded in its name.

  • Discovering the True Location of ancient Biblical Jerusalem and the spiritual effect of making the mind shift regarding Jerusalem and what it represents.

  • How to make sure you are a Watchman on the correct walls.

  • How the Physical is impacting the Spiritual.

  • How the ancient is explaining the future. Uncover the past – Understand the Future.

It's all about TIMING

It’s a Date!

Chosen People. Chosen Place. Chosen Times.

  • A glimpse into how G-d governs and runs His world through the chosen elements.

  • Chosen People: Who is Am Israel (the People of Israel and what is their task?)

  • Chosen Place: Jerusalem’s significance in the context of the Festivals.

  • Chosen Times: The Hebrew Calendar and its ongoing influence in the world and world events.

  • The Hebrew Calendar embedded in the prophesies

Prophecy in Progress

What’s happening?

365 days/year prophecy fulfillment in Israel.

  • 1948: the watershed moment that shattered millennia old paradigms.

  • Jerusalem standing central in Biblical Prophecy

  • What to expect now that Israel crossed her 70th year of independence.

  • Prophecy: basics first.

  • The prophets and the times

  • The CONTEXT of prophecy

  • How to navigate through all the flakiness.

Empower Yourself - Empower Israel

Tools on how to align with Israel from a Biblical perspective

  • Your calling in this world and why it’s directly connected to Israel.

  • A skilled watchman on the wrong wall.

  • Find your place, align with Zion

  • Advocacy Tools

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“AnaRina's knowledge and ability to share the beauty of traditional Judaism and biblical and modern Israel is second only to her incredible passion to do so. She is a passionate advocate and bridge builder, connecting Christians with the Jewish roots of their faith in a way that nobody else does.  Her passion overflows and impacts all those with whom she comes into contact. She is a gifted speaker and articulate representative. If you're coming to Israel you need to connect with her. If you have the opportunity to host or hear her overseas, don't miss that.  ​

—  Jonathan Feldstein, Run for Zion

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