3200 years of Jewish Presence

in the Holy Land 

For over 3000 years, Jews have been in the land

between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

The evidence for this fact is incontrovertible.

 The Israelite Stele, an Egyptian relic dating from 1207 BC, mentions a people called Israel for the first time outside the Bible, confirming this people’s existence in modern Israel. Archaeological finds confirm that the Israelite King David established a dynasty around Jerusalem near the beginning of the the 10th century BC; the Tel Dan Stele, a record of a Syrian king’s victories, talks of killing the “king of the house of David.” The Moabite Stone from 840 BC records the Moabite revolt against “the King of Israel.” A 7th-century BC tomb in Jerusalem bears the words of the Jewish Priestly Blessing. Another relic from near that time confirms trade between southern Arabian towns and the “towns of Judah.” Records of continuous Jewish communities abound through later periods.

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