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Yom Kippur 2020

• RH – to YK: RH (signed) – YK (sealed) – HR (delivered) = 21 Days
3 40 days periods from Tammuz to Yom Kippur and its significance
o Rosh Hashana - Judgment Day:
 Malchut /Shofarot/Zichronot
o 10 days of Awe (with the fast of Gedalya)
o YK: Sealing your year
 ELUL - the King is in the field/taking account |
RH – your day before the judge, inscribed |
10 Days of Awe – Final days of negotiation |
YK - sealed (your calling, your life, and the provision for that)
• Looking back (5780) 2020 to preparing for (5781) 2021
• Message loud and clear: focus on the establishment of the True Kingdom acc to G-d’s Governance on Earth – an irrevocable process has commenced. Whatever doesn’t fit this and poses as Governance and Kingship will be shaken to the core.