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In this AWZ hour, AnaRina and Caz discuss how your focus on Jerusalem and the principles embedded in Shabbat will be keeping you safe in the times ahead

o     10 Tevet. Fast of the 10th. Besiegement of Jerusalem  Last year  - COVID 19 went airborne/public/international. World besieged.
•    Anger abounds in this month
•    Uncontrolled volatile light – don't pick a fight. 
o    Fasting on the 8th - Torah from Hebrew to Greek,
    Awakening for Hebrew. 
    Letters through which G-d created the world, embedded into the fiber of creation
    Principle: You will return the way you went out: Jer 31:20 

הַצִּיבִי לָךְ צִיֻּנִים, שִׂמִי לָךְ תַּמְרוּרִים--שִׁתִי לִבֵּךְ, לַמְסִלָּה דֶּרֶךְ הלכתי (הָלָכְתְּ); שׁוּבִי בְּתוּלַת יִשְׂרָאֵל, שֻׁבִי אֶל-עָרַיִךְ אֵלֶּה 

Set up waymarks, Place for yourself guideposts; Set your heart // toward the high-way,the very way by which thou went; Return, O virgin of Israel, Return to these thy cities.

  • The world moved away from Hebrew. From deep to shallow waters by Divine design so the depths of Torah wouldn’t be corrupted. We are slowly moving away from this 2,000-year safety protocol  

  • The return to Hebrew indicates new epoch.   

  • Opposite of tower of Bavel: Nimrod was the leader of the ancient one world order.

  • DANGER: Interim term mixture, mixing foreign religious thoughts into Judaic principles as given on Sinai. 


o     9th - the death of Ezra and Nehemiah, 
o    10th - Besiegement of Jerusalem
•    Fast Cycle: 10 Tevet  The start of the negative 4 fast-cycle
•    10 Tevet Besiegement  - 1 year - Covid
•    18 Months later the walls were breached. Call to wake up and fix their problems
•    RETURN TO THE BASICS>  return to where it started. Set your eyes to Jerusalem!!! Back to Jer 31:20 Tzion (Zion) – Tziun (Marker). Bread crumbs

Antidote for World Besiegment = Eyes on Zion


o    Sheikh Ekrima Sa’id Sabri, formerly the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who was appointed by Yasser Arafat (born in Egypt and died in France),  claimed that there is no connection between Judaism and the Temple Mount during a visit he recently made to Turkey. 
    Turkey’s Erdogan also claimed Jerusalem (Oct)
UNESCO is calling for a halt in excavations as it is messing with their narrative
    JLM is not mentioned in the Quran. 
o    PS 122: Jerusalem city knit together – Yerushalayim
o    Power SHIFT: World Powers concentrated  Jerusalem
Acknowledge Jerusalem for who she is in G-d’s heart. 
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In this AWZ hour, AnaRina and Caz discuss how your focus on Jerusalem and the principles embedded in Shabbat will be keeping you safe in the times ahead

• Hope of coming light
• How does this fit into a difficult cycle ahead
o Harness Energy and character of every month
• Shevat שבט – also "shevet" Tribe.
o Tribe being an extension of your family.
o Every son of Jacob was important. Every Tribe had a specific purpose
 Issachar/Zvulun, Asher, Dan& Gad
 Also the order of the tribes
 Since Kingdom split, order disrupted.

 Final Geula (Redemption) only happens with all the Tribes in place and Yehudah in the lead.
o your consciousness to include in your "Tribe". How do you see yourself? member or citizen of your state or country  Core focus to the Tribes, Core focus back to Israel. Zion = place and the people, and how the world associates with Zion
o It also has the meaning of Scepter - a tool that identifies your power. This is due to the idea that the Heads of the Tribes hold the Scepter of office.
o Tribes moved under banners and groupings.

 Letter substitution: Concealed in the month of Shevat is the energy of the Day of Rest called Shabbat. method of substituting a Tav for a Tet.
o Hebrew language, 3 root letters, closely group characteristics together.
o Shabbat: To rest. To return to the natural /original state. To abstain/withdraw. Gestation is also a rest period preparing the fetus for entry into the world. Shevat is that kind of period for us.

Power of Shabbat:
o G-d did not create Shabbat – through His abstinence of work, Shabbat came into being.
o Zohar: AFTER Shmittah/Shabbat G-d stands up to fight for His people.
o It is the disconnect on Shabbat, that helps us to disconnect from the current outdated system.

 The lifestyle and cycles of Judaism keep you on your toes: Eccl 3 Time for everything: When to engage, when not to
• Example of Matza and bread
• Differentiation/Havdala
Tu b’Shevat:
o Roots saturated, getting ready
o Key Connection: 15 Shevat – 15 Adar (Shushan Purim) – 15 Nissan (Pesach)

• Summing up:
Keeping it safe in the times coming:
Return and restoration of the Divine order involve:
o Chosen People ( Zion/ Israel in its Tribal configuration)
o Chosen Place ZION / Jerusalem
o Chosen TIMES: With Shabbat at the Head

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