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A Punctual Pesach Plague: Part 1

In this interview, Caz and AnaRina discuss the month of Nissan and the festival of Pesach

In this section:

* Last 7 days of Adar, the preparation of the Mishkan (Tabernacle)
* 1st of Nissan (8th day/inauguration of the Tabernacle) - G-d's indwelling Presence among the People of Israel
* Nissan- month of Kings
*This month shall be the FIRST for you (Ex 12 2)
* 1 Nissan - Ezra & Nehemiah return with the first group out of Babylon exile
* Tishrei vs. Nissan regarding the first month of the year
* Who is G-d's son (EX 4:22)
* 10 of Nissan:
**The beginning of the Exodus miracles
** Return from Babylonia and the beginning of the rebuilding of the Second Temple
** Israel crossed Jordan and entered the Land


A Punctual Pesach Plague: Part 2 and 3

In this interview, Caz and AnaRina discuss the month of Nissan and the festival of Pesach

In this segment:
* Hebrew for Egypt is "Mitzrayim" - the place of limitation, tzar the Hebrew Root for Mitzrayim means trouble, it also means the enemy who inflicts pain or trouble
* Pesach is the antidote for Corona
* Pesach was the exodus of G-d's nation from the ruling nation/ideology/religion of that time
* this extraction was followed by Aliyah  to the Land of Israel - this pattern will repeat itself in our days
* The plagues dismantle the enemy and the ruling powers of the enemy
* Seder (of Pesach) means ORDER. After G-d shook the status quote, He then positioned the people into a specific order ( they moved out of Egypt in ordered legions)
* Corona is part of the fulfillment of the Haggai and Zech prophecies
* Jer 15: FULL RETURN (from idolatry) and extraction of precious from mundane
* 10 Plagues vs Egyptian gods
* Last plate G-d partners with Israel
* Final god to be destroyed and Astrological sign of this month - the lamb. 
* The lamb is intimately connected with what Egypt treasure and overestimate most  - the (firstborn) son. For G-d to kill the son, Israel needs to kill the lamb. These two stand spiritually opposite G-d's true son - Israel. (Ex 4:22)
* Slaughtering these interconnected deities releases G-d's son out of Mitzrayim - the place of limitation. 
* The exodus marks the birth of G-d's son, Israel in the month of Nissan. This is when Israel became a nation. That's why G-d says, this will be a first for you.
* 4/5's of Israel did not make it out of Egypt. They were too deeply embedded in the ideology, lifestyle, and religion of Egypt. We might see the same pattern emerge in the final redemption.

Part 3:
* 7 days no leaven may be found in your houses (EX 12:19)
* Right thing at the wrong time will get you in trouble
* Bread has the highest status of food in the spiritual world
* the most precious can become the deadliest when you get your timing wrong
* Matza (מצה) vs Chametz (חמץ)
* (ה) vs the (ח)
* You will eat in haste = BE READY - matza is the sign of how quickly G-d pluck Israel out of Egypt (out of the place that threatened the nation's spiritual existence)


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