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Special Event! Things are Getting Real

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Join us for a special Zoom session with Shaul Kullok, the scientist behind the Planetary Line. This is your chance to ENGAGE and ASK QUESTIONS. The scientific discoveries prove the Biblical text but also allow us to get deeper insights into how current and future events will occur. In our original interview Shaul made a projected forecast which was spot on with the current world changing events.

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When: Sunday, 26 December, 2021 at 7PM (Jerusalem, Israel Time).

In our Zoom session we will cover:

The basics of the Planetary Line:

How a cosmic line that crosses over key points of the Biblical borders of Israel effected major historical events and how we now can ascertain a how certain point that has brought and is currently bringing about the global events that are shaking the world right now.

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The Michah Prophecy - the Sun being Unsheathed

Drastic changes with the Magnetic Pole are causing less protection from the sun. The Prophet Malachi foresaw this, science is finally catching up.

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A 1,000 years is like a Day

Decoding two time-windows of offerings during the daily service at the Temple, we can now apply it to the continuum of 6,000 years [two x 58 year windows per 1,000 years] and how major events took place during these windows. (We will provide more details to this graph soon). As we entered the last 58 years window, the current word events started to unfold. Interestingly enough many events derived from the Planetary Line events overlap with this formula.


Click on the BUTTON below to register for our event. We would like some constructive input and questions, so please familiarize yourself with the content and its links in the text above.

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