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Make Time!

Are you making the most of this month?

What if you had a heads-up on something that can literally change your whole year ahead, perhaps even your life? Elul is the month in which you not only can settle accounts but can have an in-depth discussion with G-d in what you need for your partnership with Him in making His world a better place. What do you need for your tafkid (Hebrew for vocation) in order to make the tikun (Hebrew for repair) that you were called to do in this lifetime? 

1) Make sure you ask forgiveness for those you've hurt. (Remember, this does not get fixed by a mere prayer, you have to make right with those around you!) Only by doing this you can release G-d's tailor-made blessings for you in the year ahead.

2) Ponder and learn from the past year, so you can align yourself better for the year ahead. 

3) Make a well-thought-through list that you need to take your work in His world forward.

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