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Dates to Align with...

Coming this week: the Birthday and Yahrzeit of Naphtali ben Yaakov and Zvulun Ben Yaakov.

We are also in the most important 10 Days of this year leading up to Yom Kippur. Everyday also corresponds with the Sfirot.

1st of Tishrei - Rosh Hashana First day was Keter - Crown

2nd of Tishrei - Rosh Hashana Second Day was Chochma - Wisdom

3rd of Tishrei - Thursday was Bina - Understanding

4th of Tishrei - Today is Chesed - Unconditional Loving-Kindess - This day also corresponds with the 4th year of a 10-year (Redemption) cycle we've entered three years ago. So draw a lot of Chesed into this coming year.

5th of Tishrei - Shabbat will be Gvurah - Restriction and Strength (This is also the Birthday and Yahrzeit of Naphtali Ben Yaakov)

6th of Tishrei - Sunday will be Teferet - Splendour

7th of Tishrei - Monday will be Netzah - Eternity (This is also the Birthday and Yahrzeit of Zvulun Ben Yaakov)

8th of Tishrei - Tuesday will be Hod - Charismatic Beauty

9th of Tishrei - Wednesday will be Yesod - Foundation

10th of Tishrei - Thursday, Yom Kippur will be Malchut - Kingship.

Make sure you focus and meditate on these attributes in order to establish them for the year to come. Go out of your way to make right with those you hurt and to forgive those who hurt you. HOLD NOTHING BACK, EMPTY OUT.

Make TIME with Hashem. ASK Him to reveal to you the things you might've forgotten. Take your time, these things are more important than the mundane things that wants to keep you busy. These days determine your coming year!

Shabbat Shalom. Rest well, rest into G-d and then, rejoice in that!

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