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King David: Part 1

Caz Taylor from Come Together Sandiego chats to AnaRina Heymann on King David in the Align With Zion Hour.

King David: Part 2

We're discussing King David:
1) The three reasons why King David moved his rule from Hebron to Jerusalem
2) Jerusalem: Standing as equals before G-d
3) Goliath - not just a school bully (strategic and psychological gaslighting)
4) Quick intro to the Hebrew - G-d's language and the significance of a name.

King David: Part 3

In this podcast AnaRina and Caz talk about:

  • Goliath's psychological approach and how King David "flipped the switch" on Goliath's attack​

  • The Hebrew meaning for "Ranks of the Living G-d"

  • David's mighty men 3/30/300

  • G-d's anointed King will be able to take the down and out and position them in their rightful places in G-d's armies.

King David: Part 4

In this section:

  • The Biblical definition of Kingship

  • Filling in the gaps of King David's "difficult" childhood

  • How King David was able to turn the "underdog" into mighty men.