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Jerusalem : Eternal Capital : Part 1

  • The BEST KEPT SECRET: the Rediscovery of the True Location of ancient Biblical Jerusalem

  • Time Line: What happened with JLM over the last 2,000 years and how the time is speeding up

  • Jerusalem has a TEL - and it's a big deal in prophecy

  • The Spiritual Implication of the Physical Rediscovery

Jerusalem : Eternal Capital : Part 2

  • Jerusalem's timeline is SPEEDING UP

  • JERUSALEM HAS A SOUL and she communicates with G-d

  • How Jerusalem was REDISCOVERED

  • Jerusalem on a MAP: Thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX

  • G-d's REDIRECTION in your life is PART OF THE PLAN

Jerusalem : Eternal Capital : Part 3

  • Zion: the place from where the world was created (Foundation stone in the Holy of Holies), the Temple Altar where Adam was created from the soil (Adama), Psalm 87: Everyone was created from Zion

  • "Set up markers to return" Jer 31. These markers are SPELLED EXACTLY the way Zion is spelt in Hebrew ("Tziun" vs "Tzion") - not a coincidence.

  •  Contended areas in Israel (Jerusalem, Hebron etc), places of intense spiritual battles, confirming their spiritual value and significance in G-d's Redemption Plan.

  • The Bible for the Jews is not just a storybook - it's our very history.

Jerusalem : Eternal Capital : Part 4

  • Ancient Biblical Jerusalem's RISE is a pivotal part of G-d's Redemption plan.

  • International World Heritage Organization claims that there is NO CONNECTION between Jerusalem and the Bible.

  • Archaeological excavations in and around ancient Biblical Jerusalem provides unequivocal proof, defying UNESCO's claims