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Prophecy: Part 1

How to safely approach the subject of Prophecy
*History repeating itself - It's Biblical! (Eccl 3:15)
* How to steer clear of conspiracy theories 
* How to approach the subject of Prophecy
*Prophecy is purely an extension and commentary on G-d's governing principles in the world.

Prophecy: Part 2

G-d doesn't have to change the physical location of Jerusalem or build a new Jerusalem to fit into the world's political and religious demands. The Eternal City will be built on her foundation and the ancient foundations will be restored.

* King David is a prototype of how modern day events are playing out
* Prophet Isaiah: Rebuilding the ANCIENT RUINS, raising up the age-old foundations. 
*The groundwork/foundation for a Temple Mindset
*Jerusalem has to be rebuilt on her eternal foundation.

The Hebrew Calendar: Part 1

Caz Taylor from Come Together Sandiego chats to AnaRina Heymann on the Hebrew Calendar in the Align With Zion Hour.

  • What does the word Hebrew mean?

  • How the sun, moon and stars play a part in G-d's rule on earth

  • Jewish festivals are G-d's eternal festivals

  • The order of the festivals

  • The 49 days of spiritual calibration between Pesach (Passover) and Shavuot

Prophecy: Part 3

Elijah's Secret Recipe 


*Restore the Ruins - Restore Your Faith
* The Time of the MINCHA offering
*Ancient PATHS Jeremiah 6:16
*TIKUN OLAM - the repair that ONLY YOU can make
*The Jewish People - The Keepers of Time

Prophecy: Part 4

The prerequisite for not getting suck into the jungle of false prophecies and conspiracy theories is to live in the present. It's when you let go of your past and stop trying to figure out every detail of the future that G-d will communicate His Redemption plan for you as an individual. 
* G-d's fail-safe built into Shabbat and the Festivals
*A mistake is only a mistake when you don't learn from it!
* Past, Present and Future embedded in the Torah