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Omer Counting and Shavuot: Part 1

​​Hear more about Caz's visit to the City of David:
*How the physical layout of Jerusalem prepares you spiritually
*The Bell of the High Priest
*How our bodies correspond with the Tabernacle/Temple - Fearfully and Wonderfully Made - Our bodies are vessels of worship.

Omer Counting and Shavuot: Part 2


*In this section, AnaRina explains the sefirot calibration more in-depth. 
* Chesed - Learn to give unconditionally
* Gevura - Learn to say "no"
* Hod - sharpening your skills
* Yesod - Building the platform of your calling
* Malchut and Shavuot = Touch Down

The Hebrew Calendar: Part 1

Caz Taylor from Come Together Sandiego chats to AnaRina Heymann on the Hebrew Calendar in the Align With Zion Hour.

  • What does the word Hebrew mean?

  • How the sun, moon and stars play a part in G-d's rule on earth

  • Jewish festivals are G-d's eternal festivals

  • The order of the festivals

  • The 49 days of spiritual calibration between Pesach (Passover) and Shavuot

Omer Counting and Shavuot: Part 3

​*Understanding and coping with difficult times and how to navigate through them
*Aligning with G-d's Calendar helps us not to be counterproductive.
*Shavuot: The Wedding Ceremony between G-d and the Jewish People
* Boaz, Ruth and the Threshing Floor
* Breaking away from the old structures and institutions
* The beginning of plans materializing
*That which carried you this far, can hold you back in the future
*The Temple and the Threshing Floor

Omer Counting and Shavuot: Part 4

We discuss the story of Ruth and how it influences King David's life.