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The Nations' 9 Av : Part 1

Laura Densmore and AnaRina discuss the 9th of Av event for the Nations. She shares about the historical events that have happened on the 9th of Av and how this has deeply impacted the Jewish people. The 9th of Av started with the 10 spies who came back from spying out the promised land and they gave a negative report….on the 9th of Av. That is where it started, and the effects of this have rippled down through the centuries. Did you know that both Temples burned down on exactly the same day? On the 9th of Av. This is one of the saddest days in Jewish history, as many other terrible events have happened on this day.

The Nations' 9 Av: Part 2

In this final interview segment, AnaRina shares how Jewish lives are connected to the 9th of Av. She states, “If you roll out that LIST, of course, our lives are connected to it. Then she shares a powerful testimony of how her own life is personally connected to the 9th of Av.